jse 2006 a systematic approach
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JSE 2006 A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JSE 2006 A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH…. Sgt. Janice Mann Richmond Detachment. Overall… . Use all 4 hours Take a break between each question Write all over the exam First 12 and last 12 questions are easier than the middle 24

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jse 2006 a systematic approach


Sgt. Janice Mann

Richmond Detachment

  • Use all 4 hours
  • Take a break between each question
  • Write all over the exam
  • First 12 and last 12 questions are easier than the middle 24
  • If you don’t know the answer, mark the exam booklet and the answer book - Come back to it later.
  • Read the question through once to give yourself a feel for the type of question (i.e. community, internal, direct, structure)
  • Go back and examine in more detail.
  • Who are you?
  • Put yourself into that role and identify who and what you are responsible for.
  • NCO I/C of a small Detachment – OK to liaise directly with the Mayor.
  • NCO of a Unit – keep your Supervisors in the loop.
  • Who are your clients?
  • Internal – fellow employees, volunteers
  • External – Municipalities, School boards, other Federal Dept.
  • If a client is addressed in the question, you will have to address them in the answer.
root of the problem
Root of the Problem…
  • What is the real issue?
  • Isolate the problem and get rid of the fluff.
  • Easy to get confused but if you solve the original problem, other issues will resolve themselves.
sgt exam 2004 ques 1
Sgt Exam 2004 – Ques #1

You are the NCO i/c of an administrative unit at Div HQ that is comprised of 2 R/M, and 3 P/S employees. You are scheduled to be AOD for 10 days. Mr. Lewis, the PS employee who has worked in the unit for 13 years, believes that he should be in charge during your absence. Similarly, Cst. Simpson, who has 12 years of service and has worked in the init for 2 years, believes that she should be in charge during your absence. There is nothing about the nature of the unit’s work which precludes you from recommending to your supervisor any category of employee to act in your absence.

what is the issue
What is the issue?

You need to find a replacement. How are you going to do it?

  • Make sure you note whether they are looking for the Best or Initial response.
  • Best – usually a more collaborative approach (utilize CAPRA).
  • Initial – usually immediate action required.
the answers
The Answers…
  • Utilize CAPRA
  • C – Clients (Internal/External)
  • A – Acquire (Gather information)
  • P – Partnerships
  • R – Response (Enforcement, Education, Prevention, Communication)
  • A – Assess (DD, Follow ups, Debriefings)
  • All steps are followed.
  • All steps are in order.
  • Remember both long and short term solutions.
back to ques 1
Back to Ques #1

Evaluate the abilities of Cst. Simpson and Mr. Lewis and recommend the person you feel is best suited to act in your absence. Explain your decision and your rationale to each of the two employees, individually. Communicate your decision to the unit.

  • Gathered more information
  • Made a decision and communicated to the individuals affected
  • Follow up with the Unit
  • All clients named in question were addressed in the answer
the answers1
The Answers…
  • Presented with four answers.
  • Two of the answers you will be able to eliminate easily. Cross the them off.
  • If the remaining two are similar, highlight what is the same. This will make it easier to make the right choice.
other useful stuff
Other Useful Stuff…
  • Review old exams – gets you into the right mind frame.
  • Rationale for the right and the wrong answer.
  • Study with a partner. If you have to explain the rationale you will remember it better
  • Mountie Rules – Know them!