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Presented by Rima Sulastika Chandra

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Presented by Rima Sulastika Chandra
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Presented by Rima Sulastika Chandra

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  1. CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS IN ONLINE LANGUAGE LEARNING(Alberth `s Paper at 57th TEFLIN International Conference) Presented by RimaSulastika Chandra

  2. Background • There is a proliferation of online course. • Its condition has been followed by the research but the results are not always consistent. • It raised critical questions: • What dictates the success of an online learning? • What are the critical success factors?

  3. Why should be “Critical Success Factors” term? • Refers to issues/factors that ensure successful implementation of online learning. • Small numbers of related articles, in fact it is crucial thing.

  4. The six Critical Success Factors in online language learning Students Characteristics Technology Teacher Characteristics Provision of Support Instructional Design Language Skills Characteristics

  5. Students Characteristics • There are differences of student`s perception of online learning. • It is caused by student`s individual characteristic. • each student has different learning styles • Attitude to/belief in technology

  6. Technology • There are two opinions of the important role technology (insignificant and significant) • The researcher follows the second opinion (significant) • Communication in online relies heavily on Reliable technology (as a pre-requisite)

  7. Teacher Characteristics There are three characteristics of teacher (Webster & Hackley, 1997): • Attitude towards technology • Teaching style • Control of the technology

  8. Instructional Design (Pedagogy) • It impacts on students` learning in a conventional classroom. • It affects students` satisfaction levels with online learning (Roach & Lemasters, 2006) • It plays a major role in conventional classroom, but it more important in online learning environment.

  9. Provision of Support • It more imperative in online environment than conventional, since online relies heavily on technology. • For teachers: Training program, giving reward. • For students: Reliable technical support, access to a diverse array of learning resources.

  10. Language Skills Characteristics • Different subjects and content area yielded conflicting findings. • A certain online delivery may not be appropriate for all skills in teaching English • It challenges the teachers and researchers to find a mixture of face-to-face and online.

  11. CONCLUSION • There is a few research study to answer the question of what exactly dictates the success of online delivery. • The critical success factors in online Language Learning are student characteristics, technology, teacher characteristics, instructional design, provision of support, and language skills characteristic.

  12. VIEW TO THIS RESEARCH • It is very useful in completing the small number of research. • The writer did not provide data to support his empirical evidence and did not give more information about online language learning itself.