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Production Center Presents

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Production Center Presents

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  1. Production Center Presents Los Angeles - New York – Moscow 2011

  2. 3DTVVisionCompany Overview: 3DTV VISIONis a Moscowbasedcompany with offices in London and New York. Formorethanfiveyears ourcompanyhas specializedin 3D technology, 2D to 3D conversionand 3D content creation. We have completedseveralsuccessfulinternationalprojects including underwater 3D filming. 3DTV Visionalsoexcelsin workingwithhighqualityformats and ‘extreme 3D’ (fromanaglyphto IMAX formats) onfeatures, animationsand TV programs. Based on our extensive expertise in 3D graphic design and development, we have created a set of techniques and procedures unparalleled in the industry. Anyliveactionordigitalmediacanbeconverted from 2D toStereoscopic 3D, usingourexclusiveconversiontechnology. Utilizing our services will guarantee you savings of up to 50% of 2D to 3D conversion cost over our competitors. We offer the highest quality, with the fastest turn around times.

  3. 3DTV VisionCompany Overview Cont. 3DTV VISION works together with our selected industry leading partners: "CTB" FilmCompany: One of Russia's most prolific and successful producers and distributors of theatrical motion pictures. Founded in 1992, CTB has produced more than fifty feature films in a range of styles unmatched in Russian production, from action, drama, and comedy to animation. Space Dogs 3D (animation) – 85 min InternationalDistribution: EpicPictures Storyline: Schoolbooks say that Belka and Strelka were first space dogs. BoxOffice Foreign Total : $8.3 Million Melnitsa Animation Studio: With a full-time staff of over 150 artists, designers, editors and engineers, Melnitsa Animation is Russia’s premier production and full service provider of high quality animation for feature films, short films, television and advertising. 2D to 3D conversion - Case Study:

  4. Completed Projects

  5. Completed ProjectsSeries: “Three Super Heroes” The Prince & The Big Gray Wolf - Overview Synopsis: There was a Princess in thekingdom named Vasilisa. She wasyoung, smart and beautiful. However, she didn’t wanttogetmarried andher father the Kingdecidedtomarryhertothefirst stranger he would see. It was Ivan fromtheneighboringkingdom. Before Ivan could marry her, he must pass the King’s test. That’s where the story begins. Ivan goes on a quest with his for a trip faithful assistant, the Big Gray Wolf. Director: VladimirToropchin Writtenby:AlexanderBoyarsky and "Quartet I" Scheduled for Theatrical Release in Russia: December 29 2011

  6. Completed ProjectsSeries: “Three Super Heroes” The Prince & The Big Gray Wolf - Heroes: Prince Ivan The Big Gray Wolf King of Too Far Away Kingdom

  7. Completed ProjectsSeries: “Three Super Heroes” The Prince & The Big Gray Wolf - Heroes: Princess Vasilisa Puss-Scientist Baba-Yaga

  8. Completed ProjectsSeries: “Three Super Heroes” The King’s Rescue 3D - Overview Synopsis: A beautiful Empress of the East (The Queen of Shamahan) who lost a part of her magic powers, is in search of a Temple of Eternal Youth to become young and powerful again. Upon finding the Temple and the Magic Tree, she acknowledges that the Tree should be irrigated with the tears of 1,000 beauties to bring her youth back again. The Queen’s assistant, the Raven, advises her on the most simple plan of where to find beautiful women’s tears. She must make the King of Kiev fall in love with her using her magic glance. Then she will control Russia and can become young again using all of the Russian women’s tears. This “simple” plan is suddenly disrupted by three Russian Superheroes : AleshaPopovich, DobrinyaNikitich and IlyaMuromez. They are famous and fearless and they think the task of saving Russia is as easy as pie. The victory doesn’t come easy. But good always triumphs over evil and these three will win this battle against the evil Queen of Shamahan.

  9. Completed ProjectsSeries: “Three Super Heroes” The King’s Rescue - Heroes: King of Kiev Julius Ilya

  10. Completed ProjectsSeries: “Three Super Heroes” The King’s Rescue - Heroes Cont. Dobrinya Alesha The Queen of Shamahan

  11. Completed Projects Series: “Three Super Heroes” “The King’s Rescue” 3D Released in Russia – Dec 2010 Animation – 75 min Box Office in Russia: $ 27.2 Mil “NightingaletheRobber” Released in Russia – Dec 2007 Animation – 76 min Box Office in Russia: $ 9.7 Mil ____________________________________________________ “Battle with the Dragon” Released in Russia – Mar 2006 Animation – 70 min Box Office in Russia: $ 3.4 Mil “How Hero saved a Kingdom” Released in Russia – Dec 2004 Animation – 72 min Box Office in Russia: $ 1.7 Mil

  12. Completed ProjectsMeditation 3D Feature Film - 60 minOverview MEDITATION 3D Film That Changes Consciousness Synopsis: “Meditation” – is the worlds first 3-Dimensional project that is based on the story of underwater life. This film reveals secrets of the world, hidden deep in the oceans. Meditationisa uniquefilm which combinesAlpha andGammasoundswithvideoofunderwaerlifein 3-D. This audio visual gem helps you to feel calm and relaxed with specialsoundsthat syncrightandleftbrainhemispheresand allow your soul to connect with the universe. Allow your true self to be free. Embark on this journey, and you will have your own vision of the underwater world that still remains unknown to a man. This film is about an endless strength and beauty of the ocean depth and the uniqueness of our planet Earth. This feature demonstrates the best traditions of modern art. “Meditation” offers unparalleled performance of the industry’s main task - the viewers delight.

  13. CompletedProjectsMeditation 3D - Feature Film - 60 min Overview Cont. - Slides

  14. Projects in Pre-Production &Development

  15. Projects in Pre-Production & Development Cont.Three Super Heroes : On Distant Shores Status: Pre-Production Animated Feature Film in 3D – 75 min Scheduled for Release: December 2012

  16. Projects in Pre-Production & Development The 7th Goat 3D Status: Pre-Production 3D Animated Cartoon 3 Series – 20 min Each

  17. Projects in Pre-Production & Development STRIPEY AND GENIE Status: Pre-Production Animated Feature Film in 3D – 75 min

  18. To find out more about 3DTV VISION, please contact us for all of your conversion or content creation needs. We look forward to discussing our opportunities with you. 3DTV VISION