Build your own quantum computer for fun and profit
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Build Your Own Quantum Computer for Fun and Profit! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Build Your Own Quantum Computer for Fun and Profit!. Stephen Granade. Bits are 1s and 0s (i.e. base 2). 16 8 4 2 1. 1. 0. 0. 1. 1. 16 2 1. + +. = 19. Save Us, Gordon Moore!. Parallel Computation Takes More Space. Photo credit: pure_martin. Light Polarization States.

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Bits are 1s and 0s i e base 2
Bits are 1s and 0s (i.e. base 2)

16 8 4 2 1






16 2 1

+ +

= 19

Parallel computation takes more space
Parallel ComputationTakes More Space

Photo credit: pure_martin

Light polarization states
Light Polarization States

Vertical light:

Horizontal light:

A mix:


Square for probabilities:

What s going on with the 3 polarizers
What’s Going On With The 3 Polarizers

Vertical polarizer:

Horizontal polarizer: nada

What s going on with the 3 polarizers1
What’s Going On With The 3 Polarizers

Vertical polarizer:

45 degree polarizer:

Horizontal polarizer:

Bits hold 1 number qubits can hold all numbers
Bits Hold 1 NumberQubits Can Hold All Numbers!

3-Bit Number

3-Qubit Number

Superposition makes

this possible

Tangent entanglement happens when one qubit s state depends on another s
Tangent: Entanglement Happens When One Qubit’s State Depends on Another’s


Not Entangled

If you measure the firstqubit and it’s 0, you knowthe second qubit is 0 too.They’re entangled!

If you measure the firstqubit and it’s 0, you don’tknow the second qubit.

They’re independent!

You can add all numbers at once
You Can Add All Numbers At Once!

Classical Computer

Quantum Computer

It s just an algorithm
It’s Just an Algorithm



Turning factoring into period finding
Turning Factoring into Period Finding

If n has the factors p and q,then, if you pick a random x,the above sequence has aperiod that evenly dividesinto (p-1)(q-1)

Leonhard Euler

Shor s algorithm is fast
Shor’s Algorithm is Fast

Classical factoring

Shor’s Algorithm

Grover s algorithm finds stuff quickly
Grover’s Algorithm Finds Stuff Quickly

Searches unsorted data

Photo credit: seanabrady

There are lots of ways to make a quantum computer
There are Lots of Ways to Make a Quantum Computer


Trapped Ions

Optical Lattice

Liquid NMR


7 qubit computer from ibm
7-Qubit Computer from IBM

2001. Chuang et. al.





Quantum computer onna chip
Quantum Computer Onna Chip

Sadly I have no good pictures of the group or its research besides this graphic from the cover of Science