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  1. Media Revolution explores the many and varied changes in the media landscape over the past 10 year. We hope you find the presentation both informational and illuminating. To navigate through the slide show, use the right/left arrows on your keyboard.

  2. AFTER BEFORE 1996 • Mega mergers and group efficiency models abound • CLEC flank ILECs and wireless ramps up and revs up • Newspapers once-a-day print format is challenged by real-time breaking news on radio, TV, and Internet • Internet reaches critical mass and primary information resource • Radio and TV in-market ownership is restricted • Incumbent telecom companies (ILECs) dominate • Newspapers have largest reach of any single media franchise • Internet is still trying to find itself as a medium

  3. AFTER BEFORE RADIO • Consolidated of ownership by mega groups • Sales Strategy = Cluster Selling • Satellite providers offer nearly 200 highly niched formats to a fast growing subscriber base • Terrestrial providers moving to HD radio, more local focus, and fewer commercials per break. • Local independent ownership • Sales Strategy = Individual station selling • Non-contested music and talk formats • Land-based radio signals targeting local audiences

  4. AFTER BEFORE TV • New networks gain momentum on cable and satellite channels • On Demand, Podcast and Internet viewing • Shares of TV ad revenue now splintered between over-the-air, cable and satellite providers • A handful of over-the-air networks and local outlets • Viewing primarily by program schedules • Major share of TV ad revenue went to commercial over-the-air networks and local channels

  5. AFTER BEFORE NEWSPAPERS • Increased focus on breaking news online • More local content/coverage at neighborhood level • Supplementing loss of subscription revenue with feature based advertising and periodicals. • Primary source of news with large subscriber base • Largest share of ad revenue derived from Classifieds • Significant revenue derived from weekly grocery FSIs

  6. AFTER BEFORE INTERNET • Used mainly by government and education • Technology expensive, connectivity slow, and no revenue modeling • Fear over online transactions – security issues • Mainstream usage worldwide and broadband penetration reaches critical mass • Paid search advertising accounts for Internet’s top ranking in advertising revenue growth • Banking, travel and gambling have become main staples of online transaction as security improves

  7. From the Before and After to What’s Beyond…

  8. 83 million households are expected to be online by 2010, 96% of which will be broadband--compared with 64 million Internet-connected households today, of which 62% are broadband. Source: Magna Global

  9. Without adequate digital-rights management, media companies stand to lose about $160 billion in equity value from unchecked piracy and ad-skipping by 2010. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

  10. By 2010, the buying power of American blacks and Hispanics is expected to exceed the gross domestic product of Canada. Advertisers should not overlook this growing market. Source: Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia

  11. The falling price of file storage and compression will make it possible to store 12,000 full length movies on a $70 hard drive within the next four years. Source: Western Digital Corporation

  12. A baby boomer turns 50 every 7 seconds--joining a population segment that will grow by 25 percent in the next decade while other segments remain flat. Source: Entrepreneur Magazine

  13. Going forward and beyond, it’s all about ….. QUALITY

  14. Quality Delivery - Conversion to all-digital and high definition (radio, TV, and recorded media) • Quality Service - Best practice providers will focus on customer satisfaction and retention • Quality Product – “Content is King” and media companies will produce content tailored to your personal interests based on tracking your consumption behavior and preferences. • Quality Time - Time-shift, place-shift on-demand consumption will prevail as busy on-the-go consumers expect more and get more.

  15. What can you expect from us? • Forward thinkers and strategists • Experience, Integrity, Accountability • Fresh perspectives, strong credentials and full service capabilities tailored to your timelines and budget • Memorable marketing campaigns targeting your customers and today’s on-the-go consumers