what i wish i would have known before cancer n.
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What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Cancer PowerPoint Presentation
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What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Cancer

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What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Cancer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Cancer
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  1. What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Cancer George Frederickson Cancer Over-Comer ACC Adjunct Management Dept

  2. Disclaimer Be sure to consult your physician before modifying your diet including adding dietary supplements or engaging in a rigorous exercise program

  3. Executive Summary Everything in this presentation will improve your overall health- not just cancer prevention!

  4. Agenda

  5. Begin defending yourself NOW! • Cancer develops in the body over a lifetime • A slow steady progression that may take 10, 20, 30 years to become detectable • Effective countermeasures should be employed over your lifetime • Lines of defense should be formed 10 to 20 years before cancer might become detected • Long before you discover mutinous cells, you can be preventing them!

  6. The cancer life-cycle • Assault Agents: • Chemical (Toxins) • Viral • Genetic • Radiation

  7. Causes of cancer Landmark studies indicate that up to 90% of cancer originates from the environment “Two-thirds of all cancer cases can be traced to lifestyle, including obesity and poor diet.”

  8. The best defense against cancer

  9. Eating Right

  10. It’s what we eat, Stupid! • What we eat is a major determinant in heart disease and cancer- the most common causes of premature death • Increasingly, studies have shown foods can provide significant protection against heart disease, toxicity and cancer • Eating the right foods is like putting on a shield of armor

  11. The Power of Life is in Life • FRESH fruits and vegetables provide thousands of life-giving substances that cannot be found in processed foods or pills • Plants have qualities that allow them to withstand disease, drought, intense sunlight, extreme temperatures, bugs, etc. • Processing, pasteurizing, canning, cooking, baking etc. destroy much if not all of the life-protecting qualities in live foods Processed foods taste good and make the manufacturer a lot of money, but degrade our bodies ability to stay strong

  12. Super Eight Food Groups “The underpinnings of your body armor against disease”

  13. Tips for your success • Everyday eat as many Super 8 fresh food choices as is reasonable • Try to consume a plant-based rather than meat-based diet • Do not eat burnt, overcooked or foods cooked at searing temperatures. Preferred cooking methods; steaming, broiling and light baking • Use olive, sesame seed, or macadamia nut oil in cooking • Take daily supplements; especially beta carotene, B12, time release C, E and Selenium

  14. Don’t panic, Eat organic! Eliminate as many sources of toxins in your life as is possible

  15. Why over-processed food is unhealthy

  16. Over-processed food con’t

  17. Foods to avoid • Diet soft-drinks (Have you ever read the label? What is all that stuff?) • Processed meats: Contain nitrates, nitrites, and nitrosamines- known carcinogens • Pork: No it’s not the other white meat! • Artificial sweeteners • Preservatives, dyes • Hydrogenated oils

  18. Live Strong

  19. Toxins in our bodies “It’s the dose that makes the poison.”

  20. Ten ways to reduce pollutants

  21. Additional de-toxing ideas • Get lots of fresh air- get out of the building and go for walks, sleep with a window open, keep windows open around the house • Get 20 minutes of body sun each day (Avoid 10am – 2pm sun) • Produces the Sunshine Vitamin (D) which has been shown to help prevent cancer • Use only natural soaps, cleaners, lotions, deodorants, shampoos • Install 5 stage reverse osmosis water purifier under your kitchen sink. Use for drinking and cooking • Drink LOTS of purified water every day • Install water filters on tubs and showers • Use a loofah to scrub your entire body when showering • End shower with 1 – 2 minute cold water rinse

  22. “As a man thinks, so is he.” More research is showing a strong correlation between physiology and psychology Fact: A negative, stressful attitude weakens the immune system

  23. Condition your body with exercise • In 2005 the Journal of American Medical Association reported that walking just 3 – 5 hours a week could boost a woman’s breast cancer survival rate by 50% • Exercise at least 20 mins 3 days per week by walking or working out: • Reduce anxiety or depression • Reduce fatigue • Reduce risk of heart disease • Improve blood flow • Improve self-esteem

  24. You should sleep on it • Strive for 8 hours of sleep per day: • While sleeping the body creates melatonin which has anti-oxidant properties • Lack of sleep impacts the body’s ability to create melatonin and cortisol which regulates the activities of the immune system and the cells that fight off cancerous cells