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Special Olympics - Syria PowerPoint Presentation
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Special Olympics - Syria

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Special Olympics - Syria - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Special Olympics - Syria. 7 th Regional Games -2010. Introduction. Special Olympics.

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Special Olympics - Syria

7th Regional Games -2010



Special Olympics

Founded in1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver ; Special Olympics is an international organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition.

Building on the its motto & athletes oath: "Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt“;Today the Special Olympics serves more than 2.5 million persons with intellectual disabilities in more than 200 Programs in more than 165 countries globally and 20 Programs in 20 countries in the MENA region. An initial census of athlete participation conducted in that year established a baseline count of athletes worldwide.

Special Olympics - Syria

Syria joined the International Special Olympics organisation in 1994 which already had existing programs in Middle east & Africa . In 1996 the Syrian Sports Union established a sports committee dedicated to run a year round activities for individuals with intellectual disability.

In 2001 and as result of the interest and support of the Special Olympics MENA regional headquarters, the Syrian Special Olympics committee was launch


Syria’s Special Olympics


To Expand opportunities offered to people with intellectual special needs so they have the chance through the provision of quality sports , training and competitions to improve their lives.


To support people with intellectual special needs in realising their potential by organising a year round

sports training and competition, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness,

demonstrate achievements, experience enjoyment and participate in a sharing of friendship with their

families and other Special Olympics.


Founded on the belief that through participation in sport, people with intellectual special needs can

develop the confidence and advocacy skills to become fully integrated into society; our goal is to promote

the fuller social inclusion of people with learning disabilities.


Syria’s Special Olympics Org Structure

Official Structure

A letter Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour on the seventh of January 2010, containing the desire of the Central Council for the Disabled, the composition of the sports concerned with social affairs, social and sports for people with intellectual special needs and the approved the resolution by the General Sports Union, which had all previous responsibility for all the activities of the Special Olympics Syria.

Min of Social affairs & Labour

Central Council for Disabled

Syria’s Special Olympics Committee


Local Games


The year 2005 was a turning point as it witnessed the first athletics championship and the one-day competition; held in both Damascus and Aleppo the championships had the participation / 412 / players and / 180 / volunteers


  • Football and athletics competitions were held as well as the “ Will Festival”
  • Witch witnessed championship activities for 6 sports: Football - Bocce - Swimming - Hockey – badminton and basketball / 907 / players and/525/ volunteers participated in the tournaments


In celebration of the re-election of H.E. President BacharAlassad, One-Day tournament was held in the following governorates: Damascus, DeirEzzor, Raqa, Aleppo and Homs for weight lifting and basketball with the participation of /1453/ players and /665/ volunteers


Local Games


tournaments were held for bocce, basketball, cycling, equestrian, badminton, weightlifting, swimming; also initiatives like “football for hope” and “football united” were launched with local artists and /1218/ players and / 668 / volunteers


  • Tournaments were held for the first time under the patronage of the First Lady, Mrs. Asma al-Assad,
  • as the championship “will and life” instead of the festival “will and life” Championships took place with / 1700 / player and / 750 / participated volunteers.

Regional Games

Syrian Participation

  • Special Olympics Syria's been keen to participate in the previous
  • Regional MENA Games with a constantly incresed participation

7th Regional Games

SYRIA : Sep 25th - Oct 3rd 2010

  • The Special Olympics 7th Regional Games will be the largest sporting event for people
  • intellectual special needs hosted by Syria under the patronage of Mrs. Asma al-Assad, wife of
  • the President of the Syrian Arab Republic and the participation of Member States in the Special
  • Olympics in the Middle East and North Africa's 22 countries are: Jordan / UAE / Bahrain / Algeria
  • / Saudi Arabia / Sudan / Iraq / Kuwait / Morocco / Yemen / Iran / Tunisia / Palestine / Qatar /
  • Oman / Syria / Lebanon / Libya / Egypt / Mauritania / Comoros / Djibouti
  • The forecasted number of participants is 2290 players from all participating countries, including 247 players from Syria
  • 15 games will be offered during the 7th regional games in Damascus : athletics / table tennis / Football / basketball / swimming / hockey / handball / volleyball / Equestrian / gymnastics / Bocce / weight lifting / cycling / Badminton /

Special Olympics Partners

Support Special Olympics Syria’s plan through the provision of facilities for the 7th regional games

Public Sector


Special Olympics Partners

Private Sector

Support the activities and initiatives for the 7th regional games


Special Olympics Partners

Social Sector

Attract and activate most of the societies interested in intellectual special needs to show the importance of interdependence



Training and preps till 30.08.10

Activities till 03.10.01

27.09.10 03.10.10

شهر 06.10



شهر 07/10

Training Volunteers

Press Conference

7th regional games

Arrivals of regional delegations

Qualifying Round


Media campaign

Visual Identity


Media campaign

Brand Activation Initiatives

Set up informational booth in all major sports arenas in Damascus.

– Volunteer recruitment

– Ensure that that booth is manned during peak times.

– Selling Memorabilia

Produce giant size uniform shirt that will be signed by students in the schools, then

duplicated in normal size and distributed to team members as gift item from Syrian

students in support• Actual T-shirt can be displayed as attraction during events.

Mascot( Farhan ) will make appearance in schools around Syria with a team of volunteers with the following activities:• Distribution of informational flyers • An afternoon of fun (kermis games) • Educational lecture aimed at students and parents about

Special Olympics • Give-away items



Media campaign

Communications Plan

  • A communications plan will be put to action upon the establishment of the communications and sponsorship committee to plan the following activities:
  • Press Conference to launch visual identity
  • Olympic torch event
  • Media and press coverage
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Festivals and parades

Special Olympics Syria

Potentials without Boarders