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  1. FAQ Do I have to be Hispanic to Join? You don’t have to BE Latino to join … you just gotta have a little salsa in your soul! Although our club concentrates its efforts in the Latino Community, we are open to any and all who share our passion for Multisport and Altruism I’m new to the sport. Can I join? We are a club that caters to all levels of athletic skill. Our membership RANGES FROM first timers to more experienced athletes. Is there a age minimum or limit to join?While there is no age limit to our membership, our minimum age requirement to join is 18 yearsof age. Where and when do you train?Currently, we hold our run training sessions in Central Park on Tuesday nights @ 6:45pm; our swim training sessions in Manhattan on Friday nights @ 6:00pm and our Bike training sessions at various locations @ various morning timeson Sundays Are your coaches certified?Yes, all our coaches are USAT Certified Level?Triathlon Coaches Does your club only do triathlons? Our members participant in all manner of endurance events from different INCLUDING running events, swimming events, and biking events What are your club dues? Currently, 2009 club membership due are $175.00 How can I contact your club? To find out even more information on TriLatino, you can email us at: or call us at: (917) 674-0463. You can also visit us at SWIM BIKE RUN RUN RUN SWIM SWIM TriLatino Triathlon Club, Inc. 930 Tiffany Street Bronx, New York 10459 BIKE BIKE BIKE BIKE RUN RUN RUN SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM BIKE BIKE BIKE BIKE RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM BIKE BIKE BIKE BIKE BIKE RUN RUN RUN RUN SWIM SWIM SWIM BIKE BIKE RUN SWIM SWIM BIKE RUN

  2. Core Values Teamwork: Each member of TriLatino recognizes that he/she is one piece of the puzzle, regardless of his/her abilities. We survive and prosper as a team, and are only as strong as our weakest link. Being part of “TriLatino” means supporting fellow teammates at all times and assisting in any capacity, whenever possible. No one gets left behind! Altruism: We strive to lift up our community in any way possible. We recognize that all of us have been shaped by our community (Family, Friends, School, Neighborhood, Culture, etc.) in countless ways. By giving back and strengthening and empowering our communities through our involvement with various causes, we ultimately strengthen and empower ourselves and help build a brighter future for all. Having Fun: It’s not all about sweating through a workout! We encourage the establishment of long lasting friendships that go beyond sports. A special kind of camaraderie is created between individuals who come together for a common goal, whether that goal is to cross a finish line “happy and healthy” or provide support, encouragement and inspiration to others. Dedication: Keep your eye on the prize. Never give up. We have discipline, passion and conviction in all we pursue. Put in the work and the results will follow. We see things through to the very end whether it be the successful completion of an endurance event or acharitable one. Fortitude: The true measure of an individual is not how that individual carries himself/herself when times are easy, but how that individual responds when times are tough! A TriLatino member may stumble, but is never down for long! Doing the right thing: Integrity is our foundation. We respect others’ time, opinions and boundaries. The TriLatino family conducts itself in a professional, friendly and approachable manner. Welcome! What is TriLatino? Here are some questions for you … Ever get the feeling that there’s something more to life than just the regular 9 to 5 grind? Ever get the urge to challenge yourself both physically and mentally? Ever want to get healthier … fitter? Ever want to give back to your Community? Ever want to experience the thrill of crossing that finish line knowing that you’ve just surpassed any and all limitations that were placed on you? Well, you may just be TriLatino material! We are a newly formed not-for-profit triathlon club with membership of over 45 athletes serving the New York/New Jersey area, dedicated to increasing the number of Latinos in endurance sports and promoting healthy lifestyles for people of all ages. In addition, TriLatino is dedicated to giving back to our community by aligning ourselves with various charitable organizations such as the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. We are currently in the process of creating a TriLatino Scholarship to help deserving Hispanic student-athletes afford a college education. The sport of triathlon is GROWING RAPIDLY year by year in the United States, however Latinos, the 2nd fastest growing ethnic group in the country, are still largely underrepresented in the sport. There is tremendous potential for growth in this segment and TriLatino is currently in the best position to fill this gap locally and, in the near future, nationally. We appreciate your interest in the club and welcome you to read further to learn more about USour club and learn how you can become part of our TriLatino family. Mission Statement To increase the participation and awareness of the Latino Community in Endurance Sports; to encourage healthy life styles in our communities, and to empower people of all ages, who share our enthusiasm for multi-sports, to exceed their perceived limits in a supportive and fun, training environment Vision Statement To promote the sport of Triathlon to the world at large; while engaging in Altruistic efforts in our communities