Welcome to pelican rapids h s 7 th grade orientation new student orientation
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Welcome to Pelican Rapids H.S. 7 th Grade Orientation & New Student Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Pelican Rapids H.S. 7 th Grade Orientation & New Student Orientation. Principal/AD: Mr. Korf Assistant Principal: Mr. Moerke Principal Intern: Mr. Strand Superintendent: Mrs. Wanek Counselor: Miss. Runsvold. PRHS 7 th Grade Staff. 4 Day Week Daily Schedule.

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Welcome to pelican rapids h s 7 th grade orientation new student orientation

Welcome toPelican Rapids H.S. 7th Grade Orientation & New Student Orientation

Principal/AD: Mr. Korf

Assistant Principal: Mr. Moerke

Principal Intern: Mr. Strand

Superintendent: Mrs. Wanek

Counselor: Miss. Runsvold

Prhs 7 th grade staff

PRHS 7th Grade Staff

4 day week daily schedule
4 Day Week Daily Schedule

The schedule runs every other day, we call them Day 1 or Day 2.

  • Period 1: 7:55 - 8:51

  • Period 2: 8:55 - 9:51

  • Period 3: 9:55 - 10:51

  • Period 4 (10-12) :10:55 - 11:51

  • Lunch (7-9) : 10:51 - 11:21

  • Lunch (10-12): 11:51 - 12:21

  • Period 4 (7-9): 11:25 - 12:21

  • Period 5 : 12:25 - 1:21

  • Period 6:  1:25 - 2:21

  • Period 7:  2:25 - 3:21

  • Period 8: 3:25 - 3:55 (Power Hour)

  • Students need to get a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast!!

  • Monday activities are optional if you are in activities. Practice times will determined by the coach but can not practice between 10:00am-3:00pm.

  • We encourage all appointments be made on Mondays.

School breakfast lunch accounts
School Breakfast/Lunch Accounts

  • Every student will receive an ID number, students must know their ID number as they go through the line.

  • Your ID number should be kept confidential.

  • We operate under a no charge policy. Students must have money in their account or with them to eat.

  • Regular price for HS breakfast is 80¢. Regular lunch prices are $1.10, second entrée is $1.00. Extra milk is 25¢.

  • Families are encouraged to fill out a Lunch application for Free/Reduced meals.

  • 7th graders have 30 minutes for lunch in the lunch room, closed campus.

  • No food/drinks can leave the cafeteria.

Computer internet use policy
Computer & Internet Use Policy

  • Student & Parent must sign off before being allowed to use computers.

  • Please turn this in tonight.

Why are we implementing ipads
Why are we implementing iPads?

  • Preparing our students to be college and career ready

  • Research has found that iPads increase student engagement and improve test scores

Closed campus
Closed Campus

Every student is scheduled to be in an assigned area during the school day

Students are not allowed to leave the building during or between classes

If a student is not in their assigned area then parental permission must be on record in the Administration Office

Reasons for closed noon
Reasons for Closed Noon

  • Safety

    • Students are supervised

    • Students may use courtyards to get fresh air

  • Health

    • Students will have a balanced nutritious meal with 3 choices provided by the cafeteria staff

  • Attendance

    • Less students missing instruction during 5th hour

Noon hour
Noon Hour

Students will have 3 food choices to choose from the lunch menu

There will be 2 lunch lines to accommodate the additional students in the lunch room

Lunch Groups: 7-9 & 10-12

Senior high students (10-12) will have designated areas inside the building

Leaving campus will result in disciplinary action

Locker combinations
Locker Combinations

  • You are the only one to know your combination, don’t even tell it to your family pet. Memorize your combination and do not set your locker.

  • If you encounter a problem with your locker, ask a teacher to help or come to office right away. Please do not kick or punch your locker to get the door open.

  • Locker number and combination are on your class schedule. Your lockers are located on second floor, one flight of stairs up from cafeteria.

    Combination work as follows, example 5-22-7

    Clockwise at least 2 times and stop at 5

    Counter clockwise past 5 and stop at 22

    Clockwise and stop at 7

Notes absences tardies

  • Attendance is taken every period in high school

  • Please bring a confirmation note from all appointments

  • We believe regular school attendance is directly related to success in school.

  • The responsibility to inform the school in the event of a student absence belongs to the student’s parents/guardians.

  • We are here to work cooperatively with the student and parents/guardians to solve any attendance problems that may arise.

  • Students with perfect attendance:

    Quarter=Free small blizzard

    Year=Free combo or basket meal

Attendance tardies cont
Attendance/Tardies cont.

  • Students tardy at the beginning of the day must report to the office for a tardy pass. Class begins at 7:55 AM

  • When a student is absent from class in excess of 8 times per year, credit for that course may be denied. Emergency situations will be handled by administration.

  • Notes/phone calls from parents/guardians are required for all absences, otherwise they will be unexcused.

  • All students need notes/phone calls from parents/guardians to leave building for appointments, etc.

Rules expectations

JH Check System

Viking Honor Code

Viking Honor Code


We will strive to be positive role models.


We will not lie, cheat or steal.

Honor and Courage will guide our decisions.

Honor-We will treat others the way we want to be treated.

Courage-We will stand up for what is right.

Extracurricular opportunities
Extracurricular Opportunities

Fall Opportunities: Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Fall Play, Soccer (9-12th grades), FFA

Winter Opportunities: Wrestling, Basketball, Dance Team, Speech, Knowledge Bowl, Winter Play, FFA

Spring Opportunities: Softball, Baseball, Track, Golf, FFA

Activity Ticket Prices: Covers all home regular season, no tournaments.

Get Involved!!

Welcome to your school
Welcome to your school

Take pride and ownership

We are here to help you

Have a fantastic year

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