the federal surplus personal property donation program n.
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The Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program

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The Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program. A Great Savings to the American Taxpayer!. Taronda L. Reed Area Property Officer Federal Acquisition Service. Date is placed here. Objectives . Background GSA’s Role

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the federal surplus personal property donation program

The Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program

A Great Savings to the American Taxpayer!

Taronda L. ReedArea Property OfficerFederal Acquisition Service

Date is placed here

  • Background
  • GSA’s Role
  • State Agency for Surplus Property’s Role
  • Eligibility and Recipients
  • Key Players
  • 1956- Public Law 84-655
  • Established that no property could be donated for use in a state except through a “State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP)”.
  • The Department of Health, Education and Welfare (DHEW) was designated to screen and allocate surplus property for civil defense purposes.
background continued
Background continued
  • 1976- Public Law 94-519
  • Transferred responsibility of the donation program from DHEW to GSA.
  • Placed GSA in charge of a consolidated distribution system that would fairly and equitably donate surplus to a broader selection of public agencies and nonprofits.
  • Established the relationship between Federal and State government as a “full” partnership.
gsa s role
GSA’s Role
  • Assist in locating usable surplus, especially during disasters.
  • Fairly and equitably allocate property.
  • Manage non-compliance issues.
  • Assist in making eligibility determinations.
  • Conduct reviews or “audits”.
  • Serve as liaison between SASPs and Federal agencies.
  • Promote donation program.
sasp s role
SASP’s Role
  • Key player in disposal process.
  • Partner with GSA to save taxpayer dollars.
  • Determine program eligibility.
  • Screen and select usable civilian and military agency surplus.
  • Warehouse excess and surplus property.
  • Donate property.
  • Ensure program compliance.
how to whom 40 usc 549 b 1
How -- to Whom?40 USC 549 (b)(1)
  • GSA donates federal surplus property to a SASP
  • SASP donates property to eligible donees on a fair and equitable basis
definitions 40 usc 549
Definitions40 USC 549
  • State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP)
    • organization or activity designated under state law as the agency responsible for the donation of Federal surplus property
  • Donee
    • an eligible entity that receives Federal surplus personal property through a State Agency for Surplus Property
where are we in the disposal process
Where are we in the disposal process?







  • 56 SASPs total:
    • 50 states
    • District of Columbia
    • 5 Territories:
      • Puerto Rico
      • Virgin Islands
      • Guam
      • Northern Mariana Island
      • American Samoa
who is eligible to participate
Who is eligible to participate?
  • Public Agencies
  • Nonprofit tax exempt Health or Education Organizations ONLY
  • Service Educational Activities (SEAs)
definition examples of a public agency
Definition &Examples of a Public Agency
  • A public agency is any State; political subdivision; any unit of local government; department, agency; any Indian tribe, band, or group……
          • Libraries
          • Park Districts
          • Police/Fire Departments
          • Schools
          • Cities
          • Townships
          • County Boards, etc.
definition examples of a nonprofit org
Definition &Examples of a Nonprofit Org
  • An eligible nonprofit organization is an organization not organized for profit and exempt from federal income tax under section 501 of the IRS revenue code and has a primary emphasis on education or health.
        • Childcare Centers
        • Schools
        • Hospitals
        • Homeless/Needy Providers
        • Museums
        • Historic Light Stations
definition examples of an sea
Definition &Examples of an SEA
  • Service Educational Activity means any educational activity designated by the Secretary of Defense as being of special interest to the armed services. The primary purpose of such entities is to offer courses of instruction devoted to the military arts and sciences.
        • Boy and Girl Scouts of America
        • American Red Cross
        • Marine Cadets of America and Junior ROTC
        • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America
        • Little League Baseball, Inc
        • Armed Services YMCA of the USA
  • Eligibility determined by Dept. of Defense (DoD), not GSA
how does the donee participate
How does the donee participate?
  • Apply to SASP to determine eligibility
  • Advise SASP as to desired property
  • If authorized by the SASP, search and request property in GSAXcess®
  • Agree to specific terms and conditions regarding use of the property
how the process
How – the Process?
  • Donee submits request for property to SASP
  • SASP submits request for property to GSA via
  • GSA approves request from SASP
  • Federal holding agency releases property to SASP or Donee
donee agreements cfr 102 37 465
Donee Agreements CFR 102-37.465
  • Acquires property on an “as is, where is” basis
  • Will hold the Government harmless from any and all debts arising from the donation and use of the property
  • Place property in use within one year of donation
  • Keep property in use for a period of time depending on

the original acquisition cost and type of property

  • Will pay a service fee for donated property
  • Will adhere to all program policies and regulations
  • National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property
  • Motto: Pro Bono Publico(for the public good)
  • The purpose of NASASP and its’ 56-state members is to partner with GSA to save taxpayer dollars by extending the useful life of surplus to public agencies and nonprofit organizations in health and


gsa key players
GSA Key Players

Allocating Officer for Surplus Property Located In:

IL, IN, MI, MN, OH & WI (Region 5)

Daniel Scholl (817) 574-2354

Allocating Officer

Central Office

Bill Kemp (703) 605-2879

Utilization and Donation Chief