me and the mosque
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Me and the Mosque

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Me and the Mosque - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Me and the Mosque. Rels 120 Religion, Spirituality & Health 28 March 2014. Me and the Mosque. This National Film Board film , written and produced by Zarqa Nawaz, an Islamic Canadian woman, explores issues of justice and equality within Canadian Muslim communities .

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me and the mosque

Me and the Mosque

Rels 120

Religion, Spirituality & Health

28 March 2014

me and the mosque1
Me and the Mosque

This National Film Board film, written and produced by ZarqaNawaz, an Islamic Canadian woman, explores issues of justice and equality within Canadian Muslim communities.

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“Using original animation, archival footage and personal interviews, this full-length documentary portrays the multiple relationships Canadian Muslim women entertain with Islam’s place of worship, the mosque.”

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me and the mosque by zarqa nawaz 2005 nfb
Me and the Mosque by Zarqa Nawaz (2005, NFB)

“Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. In North America, a large number of converts are women. Many are drawn to the religion because of its emphasis on social justice and spiritual equality between the sexes. Yet, many mosques force women to pray behind barriers, separate from men, and some do not even permit women to enter the building.

  • “Exploring all sides of the issue, the film examines the space – both physical and social – granted to women in mosques across the country”.
  • (52:48 min)

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Please view this film using the online links to the National Film Board.

As you view the film, please make notes for yourself on comments or questions you may have, either about the teachings regarding women or about the ways the teachings are applied within Muslim communities, particularly in Canada.

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  • The authors of Muslim Women in America state that the “Western model of ‘equality’ between the sexes” is “unrealistic” and “unnatural”, and leads to single-parent families living below the poverty line. They say that in Islam, “male authority over females is always tied to their responsibility to provide financial support for the women and children of their families.”
    • Do you agree with the first statement, that gender equality is “unrealistic” and “unnatural”?
    • If male authority over females resulted in financial stability for women and single-parent families headed by women, would that be a valid reason for supporting male authority?

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  • Are gendered roles, established by one’s religious teachings, compatible with gender equality?
  • What is the logic behind segregated worship?
  • Why is it important to these women where they pray or sit for functions in the mosque?

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