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Adnan Labchiri | High School Math Teacher PowerPoint Presentation
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Adnan Labchiri | High School Math Teacher

Adnan Labchiri | High School Math Teacher

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Adnan Labchiri | High School Math Teacher

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  1. Adnan LabchiriHigh School Math Teacher

  2. As a Math Teacher Adnan Labchiri is a high school math teacher who has worked in a number of schools in and around Seattle. After graduating university with a degree in mathematics, Adnan Labchiri decided to return to his hometown of Seattle to be closer to his family and friends.

  3. Birth and Career Adnan Labchiri was born in Seattle, Washington. He left the Emerald City to study mathematics at a nearby university. Feeling homesick after graduation, Adnan Labchiri returned to Seattle and began to look for work as a math teacher.

  4. Qualification Born and raised in Seattle, Adnan Labchiri graduated the University of Oregon almost 20 years ago. A couple of years after this, Adnan Labchiri began to teach math in a Seattle high school.

  5. Sports Lover Adnan Labchiri has since taught at many schools around Seattle and enjoys the freedom that being a teacher provides him with. Adnan Labchiri is a sports fan who enjoys playing soccer with his friends, he hopes to join an amateur team when he is more fit.

  6. About Family Adnan Labchiri lives a quiet life with his family. He is married and together with his wife has one child. Adnan Labchiri loves to play and watch sports and holds a ticket with MLS team the Seattle Sounders. He has followed the team since 2009 and does his utmost to ensure he never misses a game.

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