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Italian stereotypes

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Italian stereotypes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Italian stereotypes. How much truth is there ?. Pasta, only pasta. Types of pasta: dried-fresh, long-short-minute, stuffed, egg pasta… in hundreds of different shapes and with a great variety of condiments

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Italian stereotypes

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italian stereotypes

Italian stereotypes

How much truth is there ?

pasta only pasta
Pasta, only pasta

Types of pasta:

dried-fresh, long-short-minute, stuffed, egg pasta… in hundreds of different shapes and with a great variety of condiments

Italian cooking is extremely regional: different weather conditions and historical influences (Greek, Lombard, Arab, French, Austrian, German, Spanish invasions)

coffee obsession
Coffee “obsession”
  • Caffè normale (a small cup of very strong coffee, i.e., espresso)
  • Caffè al vetro (espresso served in a small glass)
  • Caffè in tazza grande (espresso served in a large cup)
  • Caffè macchiato caldo (espresso with a drop of hot steamed milk)
  • Caffè macchiato freddo (espresso with a drop of cold milk)
  • Caffè ristretto (espresso with less water)
  • Caffè doppio (double espresso)
  • Caffè corretto (espresso with a shot of grappa, cognac, or other spirit)
  • Caffè americano (American-style coffee, served in a large cup)
  • Hag/Dec (decaffeinated coffee)
  • Cappuccino (coffee with tepid steamed milk)
  • Caffellatte (coffee with hot milk)
  • Latte macchiato (hot milk with a bit of coffee, served in a large glass)
  • Marocchino (steamed milk, coffee and cacao, served in a small glass)
  • Caffè d’orzo (hot malt drink resembling coffee)
  • Caffè freddo (iced coffee)
  • (…)
forever mamma s boy
Forever mamma's boy

In Italy, people think Jesus was Italian:

he lived at home until he was 33,

he thought his mother was a virgin...

and she thought he was God!

romantic lovers
Romantic lovers

An Italian guy will never let a girl go home unescorted…

is it romanticism?

An Italian guy will always know what to say to a beautiful girl…

is it romanticism?

Tecnica dello sfinimento: talk, talk and talk in order to “exhaust” a girl…

is it romanticism?

fashion victims
Fashion victims

Italians will never leave their house unless they are convinced that they look well…

Appearance is important in the work

Not all Italian women “come" directly from the cover of Vogue magazine

Not all Italian men wear Armani or Gucci

Many times, designer clothes have a negative connotation (fighetto posh)

original speaking
Original speaking

Italians speak very loudly in public whether on the bus, in the street or on the phone

We are really chaotic

Italian people simply cannot talk without move their hands… or their heads, shoulders, eyes, mouths…

mafia and gangsters
Mafia and gangsters

Italian gangsters in American movies

Mafia as an attitude

Get the greatest personal advantage from any situation

Trust in private “justice” more than in the Public Justice

Use one’s own power or authority to control or intimidate somebody

Choose to keep quiet to “not pass for a spy”