This topic in IMP in BOTH MCQ and OSCE
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This topic in IMP in BOTH MCQ and OSCE. توضح لاحقا. DIF :. Usually from trauma. More common. Usually the x ray show no changes but sometimes it shows :. مهمه MCQ. sequestra. MCQ.

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Usually from trauma

More common


NB : C reactive protein reach its maximum in 5 days and if the pt, treated appropriately it disappear in 5 days


توضح بالتفاصيل لاحقا

BUT remember the most common causative organism is S, aruse in most of the age groups

مهمه : لا تستثني المرض بمجرد عدم وجود حراره

Broad speculums Abx

So it is rare وجود حراره

Could be STD , blood born وجود حراره

MCQ وجود حراره

For all the previous groups start the treatment for 3 days وجود حراره  if no improvement reassess from the beginning

So it common in the وجود حراره Tebia because it is superficial

1 وجود حراره st line


No need for Empirical treatment وجود حراره مهمه

1 وجود حراره st step in treatment : Deep specimen in multiple foci also do surgical debridement

NB L: in pt, with Hardware and chronic OM وجود حراره  wait for the full healing of the fracture then remove the hardware

NB : Glycocalyx : ترسبات تمنع مرور المضادات الحيويه

MCQ وجود حراره

  • DM pt. وجود حراره

  • post OP

Steps of the treatment :

1- send to the OR and wash ( immediate to prevent joint destruction ) مهمه – سؤال

2-give empirical Abx and do culture

3- use specific Abx

Chronic monoseptic
Chronic وجود حراره monoseptic

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NB : وجود حراره

Laminar flow : الهواء المنقى يدفع على المريض مباشره

MCQ وجود حراره


Time is IMP وجود حراره