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The Island of Gozo Tourism Branding Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The Island of Gozo Tourism Branding Project

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The Island of Gozo Tourism Branding Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Island of Gozo Tourism Branding Project. The Brand of Gozo. Aims . To exploit economically the strength of Gozo’s image in order to safeguard the artistic and natural heritage of the town To promote worldwide the new official brand of the town

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the island of gozo tourism branding project
The Island of Gozo

Tourism Branding Project


The Brand of Gozo


  • To exploit economically the strength of Gozo’s image in order to safeguard the artistic and natural heritage of the town
  • To promote worldwide the new official brand of the town
  • To promote the image of the town communicating its values:
    • its uniqueness, art, history
    • the quality of life and its socio-cultural dynamism
    • its innovative and creative spirit
  • To foster commercial alliances between the licensee of the Gozo brand
  • To create an official, unique and “not counterfeit” “presence” of Gozo in different countries in the world

The Brand of Venice & Capri

Equivalent Branding Projects

A brand for Venice and Capri Municipalities

Art direction: Philippe Starck

  • Design: Thibeaut Mathieu
  • Date of presentation: October 2003

Logo's Brand Artists

Costa, the ex Major of Venice presents the new brand of the city to the president of Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

Philippe Starck and the designer Thibeaut Mathieu present the new brand of Venice to the press

A brand for Gozo

Art direction:


Date of presentation:

The Brand of Gozo


Gozo, which in Maltese is called Għawdex (pronounced: Awdesh), is a derivation of other older names such as Gaulos. It has an area of 67 square kms, is 14 kms long and 7 kms wide. With a coastline of 43 km, it is the second largest island of the Maltese Archipelago that, together with the smaller isle of Comino and the main island of Malta form the Republic of Malta. Gozo is popularly called The Island of Calypso, that is a nickname originating from the Greek mythological location of Ogygia referred to in Homer's Odyssey. In this epic poem, the fabled island was controlled by the nymph Calypso, who had detained the Greek hero Odysseus for seven long years as prisoner of love.

the brand of gozo
The brand of Gozo

The structure of the brand

Friendsof Gozo




Product category


  • Services
  • Beaches
  • History & Architecture
  • Traditional Activities
  • A open door in the five continents
  • Gozo
  • style
  • Romanticism
  • Food
  • Wine

Gozo Hospitality

Gozo Leisure

Gozo Culture

Gozo Events





Homeware / Tableware

Café – Restaurant - Hotels

wine, coffee, grappa, …enogastronomic products

Gozo Ecological

Gozo café

Gozo Tastes

and Flavours


License Agreement

Licensee (Tourism Operator) of the brand of Gozo will sell the services and the travel packages of the Island of Gozo with an exclusive right for their own country/market:

  • with reference to hospitality services
  • with reference to the services of the city of Gozo touristic services
  • the licensee tour operators will directly issue the VIP’s Gozo Card*
  • with reference to participation in the events organized by the

village’s Municipalities / Local Councils

  • with reference to contacts with the entrepreneurial forces and the representatives of the regional institutions


  • Territorial Exclusivity for the project (1, 2 or 3 years)
  • Possibility to promote on the local market the partnership with the Municipality
  • The brand of the TO will be promoted on the official web site


  • Payment of a flat fee (a)
  • Payment of royalties calculated on the packages sold + fee (b)

Hospitality Services

  • The Licensee Tour Operators of the Gozo brand will receive benefits from hotel chains and from Gozitan tourist associations
  • The Licensee Tour Operators of the Gozo brand will receive benefits such as some exclusive services at the arrival and departure, even with simultaneous interpreting services
  • The Licensee Tour Operators will receive benefits on the organization of special city tours to discover the secret places of Gozo (Palaces, theatres, Basilicas etc …)

Gozo TouristicServices

The licensee Tour Operators will have an “exclusive availability” of seats/invitations/tickets for all great events and representations taking place at:

  • Astra theatre
  • Aurora theatre
  • Mediterranean Cultural Festival
  • Exhibitions on visual arts and architecture
  • Gozo by Night (with the possibility to have a dinner by candlelight)

The licensee Tour Operators will have the opportunity to sell the VIP’s Cards*

Astra Theatre

Aurora Theatre


Gozo TouristicServices

The licensee Tour Operators will receive benefits for the organization of:

  • Cocktails at the Museums / Folklore / Heritage sites
  • Exclusive sightseeing itineraries on Gozitan Daghjsa, Helicopter and / or Sea Plane service.
  • Licensed tour operators will be listed on a dedicated section on the official Local Council’s web site. It could be possible insert the tourists’s photos in a special web site section
  • Visits at local sites accompanied by the city Lord Major
  • “tasting itineraries” of the Gozitan’s specialties
  • Guided visit to discover the local craftsmanship (Murano glass, lace, filigree etc….)
  • Meeting with the Museum Director of Citadella

Gozo TouristicSites










The Citadel





Gozo Product

Historical Note

Gozo's history is twined up in the general story of its sister Island of Malta. As a result, Gozo shared the same influences of cultures bestowed on by the number of dominators and events that touched the Maltese Islands during the last seven thousand years.

Until now, pre-historic archaeological remains in the Maltese Islands date back to some 5000 B.C. and the oldest ones were discovered in Gozo. This makes sense when one considers that man first arrived in Malta from Sicily, being the closest land, just over 88 kilometres to the North of Gozo. In this early age, man had enough skill and courage to construct the Ġgantija temples that we find in Xagħra, and other Neolithic temples dating between 4100-2500 BC.

History starts with the Phoenicians, the famous Mediterranean traders from today's Lebanon who introduced cloth dyeing and maritime trade. Their close relatives, the Carthaginians, superseded them and, after the three Punic Wars, our islands became part of the Roman Empire. The Roman era had also followed a brief period of Greek influence. The Romans introduced the code of law and used our islands as a hub for honey and olive oil exports.

Christianity was brought to Malta and Gozo in 60 A.D. by St. Paul, but was consolidated under the Byzantines, from the Eastern Roman Empire. In the late 9th Century A.D. the Arabs after taking Sicily took control of the Maltese Islands. They introduced the Water Mill and the cotton plant that proved to be the mainstay of the islands' economy for centuries to come. The Arabs influenced our present language, gave us the present names of Malta and Ghawdex (Gozo), together with the oldest village and family names.

The Normans re-established Christianity in Malta and Gozo in 1090. Then followed a period when the new masters of the Maltese islands came, in turn, from the aristocracy of Germany, France and Spain: the Swabians (1194); the Angouvins (1268); the Aragonese (1283) and finally, the Castilians (1410). The two islands were often leased in fiefdoms, the same as the contemporary feudal system practised throughout Europe. There are few records about this feudal period, but in Gozo, the Angouvins had a cemetery in today's Victoria, where various French nobles and crusader casualties were believed to be buried. Several tombstones and artefacts from the period were saved from destruction and could still be found at the Museum of Archaeology in Victoria.




Natural Science

Old Prison

Ta’ Kola Windmill

Museum of Toys

Maritime Museum

Gharb Folklore Museum






Hondoq ir-Rummien

Mgarr is-Xini

Dahlet Qorrot

San Blas

Ix-Xatt l-Ahmar





Historical Buildings


Natural Caves


By Sea- Gozo Channel

Sea Plane

Public Transport

Private Boats

Helicopter Service

Archaeological Sites

Ggantija Temples

Santa Verna Temple

Ta’ Ghejzu Cave

Borg L-Imramma Cave

Ta’ Marziema Temple


The North Cave

The Xaghra Circle

Ghar il-Mixja

Gebla Tas-Sansuna

Qala Standing Stone


Tac-Cenc Tombs

Cart Ruts

Wardija Nymphaens

Roman Domus at Ramla

Dawwara Standing Stone

San Dimitri


Traditional Activities



Local Shepherd




Country Side

Xlendi Valley

Lunzjata Valley

Tas-Salvatur Hill

Ghasri Valley


Gozo was first inhabited before the Neolithic Period (ca. 4th Millenium BC). Even so, according to archaeological finds, this means that Gozo received its first inhabitants from Sicily before mainland Malta. Today's Gozitan has typical Mediterranean features that closely match with Spanish or Italian looks. Gozitans are renowned hard-workers, religiously influenced and with an admirable sence of hospitality. The population of Gozo stands at about 31,000 and is distributed amongst Victoria and the surrounding thirteen villages


Individualised Tour Operator’s VIPs Card*

  • The VIP’s Card gives the opportunity to book different service with priority and to obtain from 5% to 20% discount (Dinners at the restaurants, shopping buying, etc.)
  • The Licensee Tour Operator of the brand will be granted the availability of seats/invites for the events organized from Local Councils / Municipalities
  • Creation of a dedicated version of a Personalised VIP cards offered to the licensed Tour Operator’s tourists

Proposal to the Licensee Tour Operator

  • The Tour Operator will sign a licensing agreement with Gozo Business Chamber (either fixed fee licensed negotiable agreement or based on royalty or a variable cost agreement)
  • The Tour Operator will distribute in its country, exclusively, the special tourist services/packages prepared in partnership with Gozo Business Chamber on behalf of Local Councils / Municipality
  • The Tour Operator will buy the official Gozo travel kit to give to its clients

Business Branding Model


Tourism Operator

Central Government

Local Government

Fee / Royalties

€ £ ¥ $

Project Management

Coordinating Activities



Corso Plebisciti, 15,

20129 Milano, Italia

Tel. +39 02 7385353


Base Office for: Albania; Algeria; Cyprus; Egypt; Gibraltar; Greece: Lebanon;

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: Monaco; Morocco; Portugal, Tunisia & Israel

13, Curate Fenech Street,

Birzebbugia BBG 03, Malta

Tel. +356 9933 3088; +356 21 654567; +356 21 417889

Fax. +356 21 650913; +356 21 662034