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Getting the money

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Getting the money. OK, you know how much it costs, but you haven't got the money.Where do you get it ?. Grants. funds given to indiv or organization for specific type of project seen as beneficial to public. From: Government and private foundations

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getting the money

Getting the money

OK, you know how much it costs, but you haven't got the money.Where do you get it ?

  • funds given to indiv or organization for specific type of project seen as beneficial to public.
  • From: Government and private foundations
  • Requires a tremendous amount of legwork, research (content and strategy), writing, and persistence.
  • Pros: There are millions of dollars out there. There are funds for every imaginable idea.
  • Cons: There are thousands of producers looking for this money.
  • They produce very slick proposals.
  • Competition is fierce.
  • $ goes to people with "track records".
  • How do you get a track record if you can't get a grant which you can't get without a track record ?
  • Takes a lot of effort, few are successful.
1 find out who has the money
1. Find out who has the money
  • ¡Catalogue of Federal Assistance--gov printing office, library
  • Federal Register
  • Commerce Business Daily
  • Chronicle of Higher Ed
  • Professional newsletters
  • Mailing lists
1 find out who has the money1
1. Find out who has the money
  • CPB
  • Assn of Indep Producers
  • Detroit producers Association
  • ITVA
  • MPB
1 find out who has the money2
1. Find out who has the money
  • State Humanities and Arts Councils
  • Foundation Center in NY
    • Clearinghouse for info about private foundations
  • Large Corporations have foundations (Exxon, GM, Ford, Rockefeller,Annenberg
1 find out who has the money3
1. Find out who has the money
  • Special Interest groups
    • Ingham Interm District Qbusters
    • MSU Foundation
  • Concerned individuals with $
deadlines and procedures
Deadlines and Procedures
  • Some rigid and prescribed
  • Some accept proposals any time
  • Most have very specific guidelines
    • Inquire and follow
  • Your organization may have experience and provide help
first steps
First Steps
  • Find out as much as possible about grant source
  • Write and/or call for information.
  • what they have supported in past.
  • buzzwords for them/hot topics.
  • Connections between what they do and your topic Chrysler Jeep plant in Beijing.
first steps1
First Steps
  • Letter of Inquiry
    • introduction of your project to determine interest.
    • Describe project,unique aspects, relevance to the grantor
    • your background and your organization (if any)
    • proposed budget
    • ask if any interest.
    • Be brief, to the point,
    • well written
    • not exaggerated
first steps2
First Steps
  • Get someone to sponsor you.
    • Some grants only available to non-profit orgs
    • Track record
    • Station,company
  • Get names on your side.
    • Content experts,
    • advisors
    • Technical people,
    • endorsements from public figures
write proposal
Write Proposal
  • An art and a science
  • attention to detail
  • thoroughness,
  • Writing
  • research
  • tenacity
  • image awareness.
write proposal1
Write Proposal
  • Formats vary, but basic questions
  • Need for program
  • Specific Program idea, how it meets stated needs
  • Your (your organization's) qualifications to do this
  • How will you do it
  • How can you do it better than other applicants
write proposal2
Write Proposal
  • How much money are you requesting
  • how will you spend it
  • Other money
  • in-kind support
  • Get approval of superiors
  • can be complex in big org like MSU
  • Meet all deadlines and follow format closely
  • Follow up with contact person
  • more specific than grants
  • An agency or business has specific idea for project
  • Issue a RFP or RFQ.
  • . No needs analysis necessary
  • agency has done this
spnsorship underwriting
  • especially non-profit
  • Often tied to image
  • May coincide with goals
  • Tax benefits
  • Cash, services, supplies
selling product service project
Selling product/service/project
  • Make it with your own money
  • On spec
  • Very iffy
  • Some organizations help market
    • PTI