Name:  Samantha Patel
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Name: Samantha Patel Today’s Date: 11/05/12 My Grade: 7. Example Academic & Career Plan. My High School Classes. My Interests & Talents.

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My personal reflection

Name: Samantha Patel

Today’s Date: 11/05/12

My Grade: 7

ExampleAcademic & Career Plan

  • My High School Classes

  • My Interests & Talents

I need Science Classes, including: Physical Science, Earth Science, Biology. I also need to focus on Computers & Technology, English language and Math like Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Statistics. VVTC offers a Small Animal Care and Vet Assistant classes that I may apply for.

Science Fair Winner, Hiking, Sailing, Reading, Animals, Swimming, Fishing, Being Outside

  • My College and/or

  • Career Choices

My Top Career Clusters: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resource

Top Career interest: wildlife biologist.

Post Secondary Choice: Virginia Tech!

  • My Personal Reflection

Today I visited and learned about the career of Wildlife Biologist. To get this career I’ll need to take lots of challenging Science classes in school. I love working with animals and think I would make a great Zoologist or Veterinarian. I’ll also need to go to a 4 year college and then work on a masters or doctoral degree. I need to earn good grades to get there and volunteer for clubs involving nature and animals.

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