connecting qualifio to your crm or sso single sign on n.
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Connecting Qualifio to your CRM or SSO (Single Sign On)

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Connecting Qualifio to your CRM or SSO (Single Sign On) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connecting Qualifio to your CRM or SSO (Single Sign On). November 2012. Introduction. Qualifio campaigns have a step « identification form ». These form are 100% customizable by the campaign creator . Various options are possible :

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  • Qualifio campaigns have a step « identification form ». Theseform are 100% customizable by the campaigncreator. Various options are possible :
    • Simple form: a form is displayed to collect the participant’s data. This data can be retreived:
      • In the campaignstatistics (exportable in XLS).
      • In the Qualifio CRM : where all participants from all campaigns are recorded.
      • OPTIONAL : this data can be pushed in real time on a webserviceprovided by you.
    • Facebook Connect : the participant can participate using his/her Facebook account (he/she will need to authorize an app). In this case, the identification formwil be eitherskipped or prefilledwith the data that Qualifio getsfromFacebook (first name, last name, e-mail).
    • Qualifio Connect : Internal SSO for all Qualifio campaigns (optional).
    • Active session on your Single Sign On: the participant islogged/connected (=has an active session) on your SSO. In this case, wecan skip the identityform or display itwithprefilled info.
    • Link withyour SSO: wecan display a double screenwith the possibility to participateusing login and passwordfromyour SSO.
sso connexion scenarii
SSO connexion scenarii
  • SSO (1) : Participant is logged/connected (active session) to your SSO.
  • SSO (2) : Participant isregistered but not logged/connected.
  • SSO (3) : Participant is registered but forgot password.
  • SSO (4) : Participant is not registered.
SSO (1) Participant islogged/connected (active session) to your SSO and participate to a Qualifio action
  • We can retrieve the participant’s data from different methods:
    • An ID via URL or cross domain cookie => we then call a webservice providing us with all identity details.
    • A cross domain cookie containing all data (not recommended)
  • Then, 2 possibilites:
    • Wedon’t display the identityform.
    • We display the identityform, prefilledwithparticipant’s data. The participant canmodify or enrichhis/her profile. Modifications of the profile are pushed on your system via webservices (Update profile)
sso 2 3 and 4 identity screen connected to your sso
SSO (2), (3) and (4) Identityscreenconnected to your SSO

Already registered ? Sign in !

  • Not yetregistered ? Sign Up now !
  • As a registeredmember of, youcanbenefitfrom the followingadvantages :
    • Contests
    • Newsletters
    • Reaction to articles
    • And manyother exclusive advantages.
  • Signing Up is Free and easy !



SSO (2)



SSO (3)

SSO (4)


sso 2 next screen
SSO (2) Nextscreen

Last Name

Name (your SSO variable)

First Name

First Name (your SSO variable)


Address (your SSO variable)

Post code

Post code (your SSO variable)


City (your SSO variable)


# children in the family

New field


YES, I agree to receive the newsletter of ING Bank.

New field


sso 2 participant is registered but not logged connected
SSO (2) : Participant isregistered but not logged/connected
  • Comments :
    • Checking and retrieving a participant profile :
      • Weneedtwowebservices :
        • One to check login and password.
        • One to retrieve the details of the profile.
    • Profile modification:
      • A participant canmodify or complementhis/her profile data. In this case, weneed a webservice « ProfileUpdate ».
sso 4 participant is not registered
SSO (4) : Participant is not registered

Two possibilities :

  • We recommend to stay in the graphical environment of the game. The participant signs up using the Qualifio form and the profile ispushed to your system using a « Create profile » webservice (recommended).
  • We can open a new window to allow the participant to create an account on your side. In this case, wereceive an ID to retreive user data thanks to a webservice.

Necessary webservices for a full SSO integration

  • Account check (SSO 2)
  • Retrieve profile data (SSO 1 and 2)
  • Retrievepassword (SSO 3)
  • Create profile (SSO 4)
  • Update profile (SSO 1 and 2)