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Aid on Budget. STRUCTURE. Budget law Annual Budgeting Cycle Budgeting of external financing ( grants and loans ) Challenges. Budget law Differences among Rwanda , Uganda and Tanzania , in Mozambique : Budget whithout cellings for external financing

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Aid on budget



  • Budgetlaw

  • Annual Budgeting Cycle

  • Budgetingofexternalfinancing (grantsandloans)

  • Challenges

Aid on budget


DifferencesamongRwanda, UgandaandTanzania, inMozambique:

  • Budgetwhithoutcellingsforexternalfinancing

  • Thesectorscanrequestforexternalfinacingprojectsatallthetimeoftheyearifthisresourcesforpublicinvestiments (specialyinfrastructures)

Aid on budget


DifferencesamongRwanda, UgandaandTanzania, inMozambique:

  • incaseofcredits, concessionalcreditsundertheparisclubterms

  • Thereare centralized line in the ministry of finance for duties and VAT for external financing

Aid on budget

AnnualBudgeting Cycle:

Feb–Aprilelaborationofthe MTEF

March Joint review, donorspledges for n+1

Until 02/mayBoardofMinisters aprove the MTEF

Until 31/May MPD/MF comunicationofthecellingsoftheinternalresources

Aid on budget

Sotheother sectores from central, provincial, Distrital, submettheirproposal to the MPD/MF until 31 ofJuly

Afterharmonizationwiththeline sectores, theproposalof PES and OE are submeted to theBoardofMinistersuntil 15 ofSeptember

TheGoMsubmet to theParlamentproposalof PES and OE to theyear (n+1) unti 30th September

Until 31 ofdecembertheParliament aprove thebudget for n+1 andtheexecutionstartat 1 ofJanuary

Aid on budget

Budgetingofexternalfinancing (grantsandloans):

  • BudgetsurpportandBoP

  • Commonfunds

  • Directprojectsurpport

  • Aindinkind

Aid on budget


  • We have 19 donors which agreed in budget surpport

  • The GoM and donors are commited by Memorandum to archieve some targets and indicators under the PQG, PRSP, MTEF

  • Annually take place an evaluation of the perfomance through quartly budget report (REO), General Account (CGE)

Aid on budget


  • Additionally there are internal and external auditing of the account

  • External Audit are made by Administrative Court (TA) and Internal Audit by Internal Inspection of the Ministry of Finance (IGF)

Aid on budget

Common Funds :

  • a group of partners are organized to surpport together a specific sector

  • Agrred by memorandum of understanding to join their resources

  • The main priority sectors are financed by this way as for exempleAgricututre, Health, education, water and sanitation .

Aid on budget


  • Each donors finance directly specific project

  • This projects according by law can be incorporated in the budget in what ever time

  • The sectors are forced to incorporated in the budget because of the need of the payment of duties, VAT and other customs services

    In The Case of the Donors Pay Directly:

  • The accouting is made after by mecanismo called Incorporated Ballace Sheet for the propuse of quartly report (REO) and General Account

Aid on budget


  • Theincorporatinofthisinthebudgetismadebyconversioninmoneyvalue.

Aid on budget

Aid on budget

  • At System (SISTAFE), the the moment, the GoM and donors are using ODAmoz data base (which record all external flows announced by the international partners), in order to incorporation more external financing in the Budget

Aid on budget

Aid on budget

THANKS! possible into the budget trough budget