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Mental Health Licensure & Certification Section PowerPoint Presentation
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Mental Health Licensure & Certification Section

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Mental Health Licensure & Certification Section
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Mental Health Licensure & Certification Section

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  1. Mental Health Licensure & Certification Section NC Emergency Management Association Fall Conference October, 2013

  2. MHLC Regulatory Responsibilities • MHLC licenses and regulates 32 residential and day facilities: 19 residential services and 21 day programs. • We conduct the following types of surveys: • Licensure surveys to determine initial compliance with Mental Health Rules • Annual surveys of all our residential programs and methadone clinics • Complaint and follow up investigations of all day and residential programs.

  3. Emergency Planning Rule 10A NCAC 27G .0207       EMERGENCY PLANS AND SUPPLIES (a)  A written fire plan for each facility and area-wide disaster plan shall be developed and shall be approved by the appropriate local authority. (b)  The plan shall be made available to all staff and evacuation procedures and routes shall be posted in the facility. (c)  Fire and disaster drills in a 24-hour facility shall be held at least quarterly and shall be repeated for each shift.  Drills shall be conducted under conditions that simulate fire emergencies. (d)  Each facility shall have basic first aid supplies accessible for use. History Note:        Authority G.S. 122C‑26; 143B‑147; Eff. May 1, 1996; Recodified from 10 NCAC 14V .0205 to NCAC 14V .0207 Eff January 3, 2001. • 3

  4. Emergency Planning Rule Implementation The local authority referred to in rule is the local Emergency Management (EM) office. We direct providers to the NC Division of Emergency Management web site to obtain a list of each county’s Emergency Management office. We ask the provider to have their plan “reviewed”, not “approved” by the Emergency Management office in their county. This must be done prior to licensure approval. • 4

  5. Disaster Plan Template In 2010, a disaster plan template was developed by the NC Division of Emergency Management in collaboration with the Division of Health Service Regulation. A CD template was developed and disseminated at that time to many providers. We also provide a link to download the template on our MHLC/DHSR web site. • 5

  6. Providers Disaster Plans • Majority of providers use the template. • Feedback from providers: template seems to be written for institutions vs. small group homes and day programs. • MHLC surveyors clarify that the disaster plan should address the types of disasters that may occur in their geographical location (examples: power outage, chemical spill, fire).

  7. MHLC Territory Map

  8. ICF-IID Territory Map

  9. DHSR MHLC Resources • DHSR MHLC web site: • Rules and Resources web page: this page includes links to all relevant NC administrative rules as well as a link to our Procedures for Rule Enforcement. This document gives providers clear information about how our surveyors enforce the rules. • • Forms and Applications web page: this page includes applications, annual survey guidelines including worksheets, incident and death reporting links, disaster plan template, and facility compliance information. •