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... creating value through consumer insights PowerPoint Presentation
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... creating value through consumer insights

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... creating value through consumer insights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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... creating value through consumer insights. MARKETING FOR NON MARKETING EXECUTIVES MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITS. Reflections. Given a choice between changing and proving that it is not necessary. Most people get busy with the proof. John Galbraith The nonprofit sector is an outstanding,

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... creating value through consumer insights




Given a choice between changing and proving

that it is not necessary. Most people get busy

with the proof.

  • John Galbraith

The nonprofit sector is an outstanding,

fulfilling…tricky, messy place. - Deirdre Maloney

ngo frugal mindsets
NGO Frugal Mindsets

On the Cheap

No Budget

All Volunteer


Not necessarily a bad thing…… Can sometimes hinder Non-profits from reaching their potential


DeiroreMaloney has these to say..

….. The answer

….. Need integration of the four Ms into their business to achieve optimal results

Management, Money, Marketing & Measurement

  • Volunteers help run operations
  • Donors, members, and sponsors bring in revenue
  • Revenue and operations keeps
  • an organization running.
  • Marketing provides the engine to run effectively and efficiently

Aren't these similar to the profit enterprises?


Social Marketing

......OUTCOME definition

Social marketing is focused on identifying, anticipating and satisfying citizens needs through interventions that people value and lead to measurable social improvement

Change.. Maintenance... Compliance


Not to be confused with…

‘social media’

social media marketing


Social Marketing

…….PROCESS definition

the systematic application of marketing, alongsideother concepts and

techniques, to achieve specific behavioural goals,

for a social good.

the marketing mindset
The Marketing Mindset




Good Idea



every marketing program has four key components

Products and Services:

  • Product strategies - developing a highly specialized product or service or providing a product-service package containing unusually high-quality service.
  • Promotion:
  • Direct and indirect customer interaction.
  • Good salesmanship is essential for small businesses because of their limited advertising budgets. Online marketing is a cheap, quick, and easy way to ensure that your business and product receive high visibility.
  • Price: When it comes to maximizing total revenue,
  • The right price is crucial.  Higher prices mean lower volume and vice-versa
  • Distribution:
  • The manufacturer and wholesaler must decide how to distribute their products. ow-cost, low-traffic location means spending more on advertising to build traffic.
Every marketing program …… has four key components:
case study branding as a way to market
Case study….. Branding as a way to market..

Breast cancer advocacy uses a the pink ribbonand

The color pink as a concept brand to raise money

and increase screening.

The breast cancer brand is strong:

People who support the

"pink brand“ identify themselves

as members of the socially aware niche market,

who are in favor of women's health, screening

mammography, Positive thinking, and willing submission

to the current mainstream

medical opinion

Identity.. Association… Support for a cause.

cash studies green banana marketing
Cash studies…….Green Banana Marketing

The Fairtrade Foundation began life in 1992 as a movement for a better deal in international trade for small farmers and workers in poor communities

WWF, well known for the panda logo and its work to protect endangered species

  • Green Banana Marketing ….(
cash studies what was the outcome
Cash studies…….What was the outcome?

Green Banana Marketing (

leverage events and milestones
Leverage events and milestones

40th Anniversary of SOS Children’s

Villages in Africa, Former President Alhaji

Ali Hassan Mwinyi was honored as the

Goodwill Ambassador. Press and

Dignitaries were in attendance..

Dec, 2012 the National Director of SOS Children

Villages in Tanzania received a grand

Achievement award.. This was leveraged in the

press to connect with the different publics.

if you can make it fun easy popular
If you can, Make it ‘fun, easy & popular’

900+ Pumps in South Africa

Providing easy access

to clean drinking water

Going from

150 to 1400 L an hour


Advertising on storage tank

pays for system maintenance

for 10 years

adopt a social marketing approach
Adopt A Social Marketing Approach


  • Establish quantifiable goals and measure performance
  • Segment and succeed
  • Focus on single, simple doable behaviours one at a time
  • Make it fun, easy and popular if you can
  • Develop products, services and improve environments
simple market planning process
Simple Market Planning Process

Stage 1: What's your message?

Stage 2: Create infrastructure to

implement the plan

Stage 3: Market

Engage me, communicate with me, add value to my business, solve my problems, create opportunity for me, educate me, inform me, but don’t try and sell me – it won’t work. 

conclusion non profits are doing great work and changing the world
Conclusion ….. Non-profits are doing great work and changing the world.
  • Embrace marketing principles to grow, flourish, and continue to make the world a better place.
  • Strike a good balance between creative use of limited resources, and proper budgeting for marketing.
  • You don’t have to have a marketing team.. Use good consultants.

Tell your stories.. Have a Plan… Don’t be afraid to spend money.


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