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5 top indian style furniture according n.
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Furniture Manufacturers in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Furniture Manufacturers in India

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Furniture Manufacturers in India
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Furniture Manufacturers in India

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  1. 5 top Indian Style Furniture According to Furniture Manufacturers in India Furniture making is an impeccable art in India which is also a major trade. In the international market, there is a great demand in import business of Indian style of furniture. From traditional to contemporary, many styles have been introduced but it is the craftsmanship of Indian furniture that is popular worldwide. There are many styles available in the market from furniture manufacturers in India but there is five major Indian style furniture that can be said revolutionary in handicraft export industry. 1.Traditional–Traditional Indian furniture is a combination of art and craft and culture. It creates a graceful environment in interior decoration. Rich tones of wood, carving detail, handmade art and quality wood can be seen in Rajasthani traditional furniture. 2.Antique–A product can only be called antique when it completes a hundred years. It is expensive in cost and difficult to find in the market. There is also a huge fake market all over the world for antique furniture so you have to have good knowledge of antique. It is also called reproduced furniture where old furniture is refurbished to sell. Antique Rajasthani furniture is exported in large quantity from India. 3.Vintage–vintage furniture is older than antique and tells a story of belonging. Unlike antique furniture, vintage cannot be recognized by condition, age, quality, etc. One has to dig the history of the owner and origin. This type of furniture is easily available in auction houses but always look for government registered auction houses.

  2. 4.Rustic–Adikul is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in India that has a huge range of rustic furniture. Rustic furniture is inspired by antique furniture. Any old furniture that has quality wood can be given rustic look by abrading its painted surface. It is also called distressed or reclaimed furniture. It is one of the most demanded types of category all over the world. 5.Modern–Modern furniture is all about contemporary designs and mixing of other material along with wood like steel, leather, plastic, etc. It is all about experimenting with designs and shapes. There is a market for modern furniture but since it lacks Traditional art, it has more demand in industrial areas. Styles will always change according to comfort and theme of interior design but there is nothing like handcrafted furniture of India. Adikul has a range which represents Jaipur handicraft art in an exclusive collection of hand painted miniature paintings on furniture. To know more about it, write us here (