Unit 4 media audiences and products evaluation
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Unit 4: Media Audiences and Products Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 4: Media Audiences and Products Evaluation. By Lewis Richards. What.

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Unit 4 media audiences and products evaluation

Unit 4: Media Audiences and Products Evaluation

By Lewis Richards

Unit 4 media audiences and products evaluation

  • In this unit what I did was research about the audience that would be viewing my end of year show. After which I went onto creating a storyboard for my end of year video, then I went onto create my video in Adobe Premiere.

Unit 4 media audiences and products evaluation

  • The audience research document I created in Powerpoint using my own knowledge as well as information and video observation from the web as reference, as I had never done an end of year video or been to one.

  • For the storyboard I used existing images from Units 13, 9, 3, 18 and my portfolio from my blog to show what I had done over the year. I then illustrated what would happen in each scene like effects, music, transitions, etc.

  • For the video I set out doing the video using the storyboard as reference, and after a long time spent searching for a suitable song that wouldn’t overpower the visual side of the video I went onto importing the sound and images. After which I added effects and then tested each individual images effects to make sure the timing was spot on as I had a large amount of images added so the one minute long video had to accompany the effects and the capability of viewing each image long enough for the viewers to see each image and know what it was.

Project review
Project Review

  • For this unit I felt it went fairly well as I had used Premiere in Unit 5 so I had grasped the concept of video editing and effects well, so this time round it was a lot less time consuming than it was in Unit 5. I also put the file for what visual and sound I planned to use for the end of year video together quickly and consumed little time in that and the storyboard.

Future work
Future Work

  • If I was to do this unit again I would maybe decrease the amount of images used as they appeared and disappeared too quickly for the viewer to actually read what they said.

  • Looking back at this course I have gained a lot of experience and learnt many new skills and ideas that I hope to take with me into the L3 Games course.