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Podcasting in the Flipped Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Podcasting in the Flipped Classroom

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Podcasting in the Flipped Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Podcasting in the Flipped Classroom. Brenda Figueroa, ITF. Objectives. Morning: Understand What is the Flipped Classroom . What is the Purpose What are the benefits What can be flipped. What is a Flipped Classroom?.

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Podcasting in the Flipped Classroom

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    1. Podcasting in the Flipped Classroom Brenda Figueroa, ITF

    2. Objectives • Morning: Understand • What is the Flipped Classroom. • What is the Purpose • What are the benefits • What can be flipped

    3. What is a Flipped Classroom? • Teaching where students do a large part of their learning at home and do their “homework” in class. • The role of the teacher changes from classroom teacher to classroom facilitator.

    4. What is the Purpose of a Flipped Classroom? • Redirects attention from teacher to learner • Addresses the needs of all types of learners • Prepares students for 21st century learning • Keeps students engaged during extended learning • Able to do project based learning activities that emphasize a real world model

    5. What are the Benefits of a Flipped Classroom? • Students have more time with the teacher. • Students can pause and rewind their teacher; therefore enabling them to master the concept. • Students work more collaboratively and cooperatively with each other. • Teachers can spend more time with individual groups of students.

    6. What can be Flipped? • Math • Science • Reading • Social Studies

    7. Ready to Try It? Here’s the Process… • Set up your website to house your videos, blogs, and assignments. • Create a teachertube or youtube account to upload your videos to embed on your website. • Know what your in class assignments will be. • Create or find videos.

    8. Places to Find Videos • YouTube.com • Discovery Education • Brain Pop • Khan Academy

    9. Apps and Sites to Create Videos • EduCreations-Website and App • Blank sheet that lets you write/draw on it. It captures what your writing and your voice. • Free • Screencast-0-matic.com • Allows you to record anything you do your computer screen and voice. • You can screen cast: PowerPoints, Flipcharts, Word Documents, and Websites. • First 15 minutes Free • ActivInspire • Allows a person to screen capture anything they do on their computer and turn it into a video to upload.

    10. Resources • www.Thedailyriff.com • www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/ • www.the3techninjas.org