ph dt seasonal group meeting 21 1 14 n.
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PH-DT Seasonal Group Meeting 21/1/14 PowerPoint Presentation
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PH-DT Seasonal Group Meeting 21/1/14

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PH-DT Seasonal Group Meeting 21/1/14 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PH-DT Seasonal Group Meeting 21/1/14. DT news > M.Capeans New DT WEB > N.Kousi Micro-pattern Technologies > Oliveira. Strong focus on LS1 and more…. CO2 cooling plant at TIF. NA62 Straw tracker module.

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Presentation Transcript
ph dt seasonal group meeting 21 1 14

PH-DTSeasonal Group Meeting 21/1/14

DT news > M.Capeans

New DT WEB > N.Kousi

Micro-pattern Technologies> Oliveira

strong focus on ls1 and more
Strong focus on LS1 and more…

CO2 cooling plant at TIF

NA62 Straw tracker module

Consolidation of detectors and infrastructure in all LHC experiments and SME (Aegis, CAST, CLOUD…)

Engineering support

Gas systems, magnet controls and measurements, new CO2 cooling plants

NA62 (Straw tracker, control systems, magnetic measurements, mechanics, engineering & design work, gas systems, micro-cooling, RICH mirror coating…)

New PH irradiation facilities

R&D: RD50, RD51, LCD

Jan'14 DT Group meeting

Dismantling PS irrad New Magnet Controls

2013 investments
2013 Investments

Wire bonding machine 3D printer

  • Equipment
    • Devoltecwirebonding machine for the Bond Lab, 3D printing machine, Engineering software, Safety equipment for labs and workshops, instruments (e.g. High Resolution Infrared camera), pipe welding station for gas workshop, etc.
  • Space improvements
    • Machine conformity in PH-DT mechanical workshops, ongoing
    • Electrical network and soldering hut for electrical WS in 21-R-68 (MCP team)
    • Enlargement and renovation of lab for LHCb RICH activities in B16 (T.Gys)
    • Renovation of old lab in B16 for TFG projects (T.Schneider, C.David)
    • Extension of MPGD/RD51 lab in B154
    • New Controls lab in B21 (S.Ravat)
    • New lab in B16 for LCD Vertex (F.X.Nuiry, W.Klempt)
    • B153/R-20 on loan to IdeaLab till summer’14

Jan'14 DT Group meeting

cern open days sept 13
CERN Open Days Sept’13

Engineering Office, Gas detectors, Fiber detectors, Medical imaging, NA62 Straw Tracker

Jan'14 DT Group meeting

resources changes in the last 3 4 months
Resources(+ changes in the last 3-4 months)
  • Very significant reinforcement of the Engineering Office
    • 3 staff
    • 1 VIA + User + Project Associate
  • Reinforcement of the the EM1/2 sections
    • 1 TTE and 2 staff from 1/2/14
  • Visiting scientist for MPGD
  • 1 staff for the GIF++ construction & commissioning phases
  • Enlargement of trainee programme with CUT for PH-DT-DI projects (gas, cooling, controls)
  • 1 TTE for Gas & Cooling
  • LD2IC for Cooling team and Magnet controls team
  • CERN PCB workshop led by Rui de Oliveira joins PH-DT-DD from 1.1.14 (8 staff, 1 Fell and FSU of 12)

Jan'14 DT Group meeting

workshop transfer from te to ph
Workshop Transfer from TE to PH
  • Presentation of the team and activities by Rui de Oliveira
  • Benefits of Merging
    • The integration of the TE MPE workshop in PH is an added value to the experimental community and will also integrate the workshop much more directly with the key users
    • The workshop reinforces the role of PH-DT as an open center of expertise for detector prototyping and development, building on the core expertise of the workshop (production of high-tech detector components) and PH-DT (detector R&D, construction, integration and operation)
  • Integration phase
    • The unit moved to PH-DT-DD on 1/1/14
    • Rui de Oliveira remains as PL for both the technically and admin aspects

Jan'14 DT Group meeting

european strategy for particle physics
European Strategy for Particle Physics

LHC running & HL-LHC (construction project)

FCC and CLIC (feasibility studies)

ILC in Japan (welcome initiative)

Neutrino programme

Detector R&D

Jan'14 DT Group meeting


ph dt focus in 2014
PH-DT Focus in 2014
  • Successful completion of LS1
  • Avoid excessive fragmentation of resources
  • Propose a long-term strategy for the group adapted to the new commitments, in particular for the LHC detector upgrade projects, and start implementation towards end 2014
    • including organisational changes as needed

Jan'14 DT Group meeting

continuation of work
Continuation of work

Jan'14 DT Group meeting

  • DT WEB (Presentation by Nefeli)
  • Cars and parking areas policy - cern wide -
  • Space
    • Completion of mechanical WSs conformity
    • Re-launch composite lab in B16
    • Inventory of equipment
    • Assessment of DT technical space in terms of safety, conformity and future plans


PH-DT Mechanical WS

(Conventional & CNC)


PH-DT Engineering Office

Open space (~10 staff + students)



Assembly Area

Barrack 70

PH-DT Offices

(~18 people)


Mechanical WS

Converted to open office space for ~14 people

Clean room


I want to thank you all for contributing to the successes and progress of DT in 2013 and wish you all an excellent 2014

And, in particular:

  • LS1 is important but also hard in many respects –thank you all for your contribution to successfully completing our part
  • Micro-pattern technologies team, Welcome to PH-DT!

Jan'14 DT Group meeting


Jan'14 DT Group meeting

European Particle Physics Strategy

Priority projects:

Europe’s top priority should be the exploitation of the full potential of the LHC, including the high-luminosity upgrade of the machine and detectors with a view to collecting ten times more data than in the initial design, by around 2030.

To stay at the forefront of particle physics, Europe needs to be in a position to propose an ambitious post-LHC accelerator project at CERN. CERN should undertake design studies for accelerator projects in a global context, with emphasis on proton-proton and electron-positron high-energy frontier machines(refers High Energy LHC and CLIC)

There is a strong scientific case for an electron-positron collider, complementary to the LHC that can study the properties of the Higgs boson and other particles with unprecedented precision and whose energy can be upgraded (refers to ILC in Japan)

CERN should develop a neutrino programmeto pave the way for a substantial European role in future long-baseline experiments. Europe should explore the possibility of major participation in leading neutrino projects in the US and Japan

General statement about detector R&D

The success of particle physics experiments, such as those required for the high-luminosity LHC, relies on innovative instrumentation, state-of-the-art infrastructures and large-scale data-intensive computing. Detector R&D programmesshould be supported strongly at CERN, national institutes, laboratories and universities. Infrastructure and engineering capabilities for the R&D programmeand construction of large detectors, as well as infrastructures for data analysis, data preservation and distributed data-intensive computing should be maintained and further developed.

Jan'14 DT Group meeting