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Note to preparer for club session PowerPoint Presentation
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Note to preparer for club session

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Note to preparer for club session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Note to preparer for club session
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  1. Note to preparer for club session Cover sheet needs club name and date Pages 13 and 14 add results from survey Page 19 needs club name Page 25 needs AG name, and name of a mentor from our team. Last step – erase this slide!

  2. Vision Facilitation Long Range Planning for The Rotary Club of __________ Presented By: D-5340 Vision Facilitation Team Date, 2011

  3. “Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.” --Seneca Focus 3

  4. What Is “Club Vision”? Dynamic Management Tool • Defines a shared commitment • Provides long-term direction • Creates a framework to establish goals and objectives • Optimizes use of resources

  5. Why Is A Plan Needed? • Tradition of annual cycles breaks continuity, consistency, and consensus • Clubs end up “re-inventing the wheel” instead of moving forward • …..or worse….

  6. Start with the “End” in mind…. 6 SUCCESSFUL CLUBS • Sustain and increase membership • Implement successful service projects • Support The Rotary Foundation • Develop leaders in the club and beyond

  7. Our Outcome Today VISION Long Term Vision A Multi-year Plan 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 Annual plans, projects, programs

  8. Planning Steps… Actions & Programs Vision Long Range Plan

  9. The Big Picture “We can make Rotary the best it has ever been as we enter our second century of service!” -RI Strategic Plan RI RI District Club

  10. Rotary InternationalStrategic Priorities 2011 • Support and strengthen the clubsVia recruiting, retention, diversity, leadership training, strategic planning at district and club level • Increase service to humanityEradicate polio, create significant sustainable projects, and partner with other organizations • Enhance public image and awarenessPublicize service, promote core values, emphasize vocational service

  11. Planning at the District level…Governor’s Planning Committee • Membership - Sitting DG, DGE, DGN and District Resource Leaders • Semiannual review of objectives and progress • Annual update cycle • Chaired by current District Governor • Presentation to current AGs and Presidents • Adoption by Presidents Elect for following Rotary year

  12. District 5340 Initiatives • Support and Strengthen Clubs • Foster club innovation and flexibility • Promote membership diversity • Start new, dynamic clubs • Encourage Strategic planning at club and district levels • Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service • Increase sustainable service focused on New Generations Service Programs and TRF's six areas of focus • Increase collaboration and connection with other organization • Enhance Public Image and Awareness • Emphasize vocational service • Encourage clubs to promote their networking opportunities and signature activities

  13. Club Planning Survey Results – What working well

  14. Club Planning Survey Results – What needs attention

  15. “Rotary is not an organization for retrospection. It is rather one whose worth and purpose lie in future activity rather than past performance.” - Paul Harris, Founder of Rotary International

  16. The Visioning Process Be bold and think outside the box Suspend your practical side Allow yourself to dream grand dreams The practical sorting process will come later

  17. It is NOW the Year 2016

  18. Vision Facilitation Next Steps for The Rotary Club of __________ Presented By: D-5340 Vision Facilitation Team

  19. What Follows Today Actions & Programs Vision Long Range Plan

  20. Implementing The Plan: Next Steps to Action • Club Vision ► • Translate to Long Range Goals ► • Annual (Short Term) Goals ► • Engage every member in the Passion of the Vision►Club Assemblies ► Ongoing Training ► • Build in Succession Leadership ► • Review and update the Plan on regular basis 21

  21. Planning at theClublevel…President’s Development Team • Membership - Sitting Pres, P-E, P-E-N, & 3 Immediate Past Presidents • Meeting - every third month • Chaired – Immediate Past-President • Minutes – newest member to committee

  22. Planning & Training at the Club level…Presidents Development Team Sample Agenda Topics for Quarterly Meetings August November February May Long Range Planning Review

  23. Action Plan

  24. District 5340 Rotary Resources District Visioning Chair Louise Andres ________ (club AG) Regional Leadership Team (AG, Membership, TRF specialists) District Mentorship Team

  25. “The only way a man can remain consistent amid changing circumstances is to change with them while preserving the same dominating purpose.” Sir Winston Churchill

  26. Thank you for your Commitment