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Quiz Evolution in Action

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Quiz Evolution in Action - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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14. Quiz Evolution in Action. 5/18/2011 No Name Cards Pencil / Eraser / Red Pen SS 14 Homework : Definition of key terms (p. 258) 7-1,7-2 COL: 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-5, SS 12, 13,14 Next Thursday Last person pass out books for row. Evolution in Action.

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quiz evolution in action


QuizEvolution in Action


No Name Cards

Pencil / Eraser / Red Pen

SS 14

Homework: Definition of key terms (p. 258) 7-1,7-2

COL: 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-5, SS 12, 13,14 Next Thursday

Last person pass out books for row.

evolution in action
Evolution in Action

Please have ONLY the following on your desk:



Quiz paper

Spelling does NOT count.

On True or False questions, write only True or False.

You are NOT allowed to ask questions during the quiz.

Put your HAND on your quiz after you answer each question.

Put everything underneath the desk.

question 1
Question 1

Which of these is one of the main ways that new species form?

  • Cross-breeding occurs between members of different species.
  • A group is separated from the rest of the species.
  • One species joins another species to make a new species.
question 2
Question 2

A branching tree is

  • A diagram showing how scientists think different groups of organisms are related.
  • A species of tree that is not closely related to other tree species.
  • A drawing that shows where different animals live in a tree.
question 3
Question 3

Scientists combine evidence from fossils, body structures, early development, DNA and protein structuresto determine

  • What bones an animal has in its forelimbs.
  • Evolutionary relationships among species.
  • Which fossils are older than another.
question 4
Question 4

True or False? The more similar the DNA sequences of two species are the more closely related the species are.

question 5
Question 5

Proteins can be used to determine how closely related organisms are because amino acid sequences are determined by the _______________ that make up an organism's genes.

question 6
Question 6

A new ____________ can form when a group of individuals become isolated from the main group.

question 7
Question 7

Scientists show how groups of organisms may be related by placing them in diagrams called _________________.

question 8
Question 8

Which of these is the leading cause of extinction?

  • Climate change
  • Cross breeding
  • Genetic diversity
question 9
Question 9

True or False? All organisms of a species have identical traits.

question 10
Question 10

True or False? Environmental change always leads to extinction of species.

confidentiality agreement
Confidentiality Agreement

Please copy this sentence on the back of your quiz and sign your name:

“I promise to keep this quiz confidential.”

sign your name

Write what you think you will get on this quiz.

Put your pencil on the floor.

get ready to correct
Get Ready to Correct

Please have ONLY a red pen, name cards (if it is on your desk) and your quiz on your desk.

If you don’t have a red pen, raise your hand.

Pass your quiz to the person behind you.

The last person in the row, walk your quiz to the first person.

how to correct
How to Correct

If an answer is right: DO NOT DO ANYTHING.

If the answer is wrong: PUT A SLASH THROUGH THE NUMBER.

Write the number CORRECT in the circle.

Do NOT write anything else on quiz.



  • B
  • A
  • B
  • True
  • DNA
  • Species
  • Branching Tree Diagram
  • A
  • False
  • False

Review ALL your corrections.Put your red pen on the floor. Return if you borrowed.