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  • What Is an Operational Plan?

  • It defines how you will operate in practice to implement your action and monitoring plans – what your capacity needs are, how you will engage resources, how you will deal with risks, and how you will ensure sustainability of the project’s achievements.

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Assignment guideline

  • Introduction

  • Executive summary of your hotel

  • The type and grade of business

  • (Type=hotel, café, restaurant, etc. Grade= 1,2,3,4,5 star, no star rating)

  • The size and location of business

  • The main customer market. (International tourists, local customers, old, young etc.

  • Staff organisation chart and staff establishment

  • The description of the function of your particular department within the organisation

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Mission statement

  • We provide our guests with the ultimate five star camping experience. This is an eco-

  • tourism adventure with first class service in a sublime environment.

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  • Setting objectives

  • An important part of this whole process is setting objectives. There are a few guidelines to

  • help you set clear, useful objectives. An easy way to remember these guidelines is with the

  • acronym “SMART”:

  • • SPECIFIC: describes precise, specific actions that will be carried out.

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Objectives therefore must be

  • • To achieve a profit margin of 5% by the end of the financial year.

  • • To employ five full-time qualified tour guides with local knowledge by June 30.

  • • To achieve a customer satisfaction rating of 9.2 on average.

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  • For example: therefore must be

  • • Gain five new customers and increase gross sales to $20 000 by 1 July 2011, within an

  • expense budget of $1000.

  • • Conduct a survey of all customers evaluating the service they receive from us by 30

  • September 2011.

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An Organisational Chart therefore must be

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Front Office therefore must be

  • The most visible department in the hotel.

  • Front office staff have more contact with guests.

  • Front office the focal point of activities and prominently located in the hotel’s lobby.

  • Front office serves as the control centre for guest requests and complaints.

  • It plays a role as an emergency operational place.

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Front office positions therefore must be

  • Typical functions and positions under the Rooms Division Department:

  • Front Desk receptionist: Registers guests, and maintains room availability information

  • Cashier: Closes guest folios, and properly checks out guests

  • Night Auditor: Perform auditing, and prepares daily reports to management (ex: Occupancy Report and Revenue Report)

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continued therefore must be

  • Telephone Operator: Manages the Switchboard and coordinates Wake-up Calls

  • Reservation Agent: Responds to Reservation Requests and creates Reservation Records

  • Concierge: Handles Guest Luggage, escorts Guests to their Rooms, and assists guests for any bit of information requested

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Front Office Functions therefore must be

  • · Sell guestrooms

  • Assign guestrooms

  • · Register guests

  • · Coordinate guest services/handle complaints

  • Provide information

  • · Track room status information

  • · Monitor guest accounts/credit

  • · Produce guest account statements

  • · Complete financial settlement

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