ways to make a good first impression on the editor l.
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5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression on the Editor PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression on the Editor

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5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression on the Editor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ways to make a good first impression on the editor


Ways to Make a Good First Impression on the Editor

Tips on how to apply for a copy editor’s job


is a media professional who has trained many

journalists in copydesk skills. She is Editorial Director

at Mindworks Global.

don t skip the polite bits


Don’t skip the polite bits

Impressions are created the very minute the editor sees your e-mail.

  • Don’t skip salutation and sign-off. If you know the recipient's name, greet him or her specifically
  • Don’t use officialese – keep your language straightforward, smart, and elegant.
  • Thank the recipient for his or her attention
  • Make yourself easily accessible by putting in a phone number with your signature
don t just attach


Don’t just attach
  • What you write in the mail also matters and contrary to popular belief, is very much noticed.
  • Use a specific, intelligent subject line stating the purpose of your mail
  • Don’t send a blank message area
  • Avoid lines such as ‘Please see the same,’ or ‘See attached,’ or ‘This is for your kind perusal.’
don t miss the chance


Don’t miss the chance
  • The message that can accompany your résumé is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.
  • Put in a line or two about yourself and what you hope to do in your career
  • Show your grasp over the language for the few moments you have the recipient’s attention
  • You can consider also putting in two or three highlights from your résumé
don t forget to work on it


Don’t forget to work on it
  • Proofread your resume several times
  • It is résumé-fashion to put in an ‘Objective.’ But the lofty statements about wanting to contribute to one’s best ability for the growth of the organization have become clichéd and meaningless. Put in an honest statement about why you want the job
  • Look up the most common problems in English grammar and punctuation and ensure you don’t include them in your résumé
just tell it like it is


Just tell it like it is
  • Don’t pad your résumé with details that are not useful just to increase the number of pages
  • Make sure all the relevant information is either summarized or highlighted for quick access
  • List your achievements and see what you can do to back them up with facts. Also, be prepared to talk about these at the interview and be sure not to put anything that turns out too minor to talk about.

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