Assessing core student learning outcomes
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Assessing CORE Student Learning Outcomes. Summer Assessment Institute August, 2005 Presented by Jerry Rudmann Coastline Community College. Desired Outcomes of this Session . Participants will be able to…

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Assessing core student learning outcomes
Assessing COREStudent Learning Outcomes

Summer Assessment Institute

August, 2005

Presented by

Jerry Rudmann

Coastline Community College

Desired outcomes of this session
Desired Outcomes of this Session

Participants will be able to…

  • Explain why robust SLOs are appropriate for representing Institutional (or “CORE”) learning goals

  • Write a robust SLO statement

  • Create and use a scoring rubric for assessing a robust SLO

  • List and describe several ways to facilitate the assessment of CORE learning outcomes

More specifically a student learning outcome or slo is
More specifically: AStudent Learning Outcome or “SLO” is…

A specific observable, measurable behavior stated in terms of what students should be able to do as a result of instruction.

The four levels of student learning outcomes
The Four Levels of Student Learning Outcomes

  • Lesson or unit level

  • Course level

  • Program level

  • College level

Two general categories of core slos
Two General Categories of CORE SLOs

  • Content knowledge – facts, terms, concepts, dates, definitions, etc.

  • Robust outcomes – products of complex behaviors and skills that students take with them and use later (e.g., a paper, a speech, an analysis of the merits and flaws in a persuasive message)

5 the robust learning outcome meets these criteria
5. The “Robust” Learning Outcome Meets These Criteria…

  • A behavior or skill beyond content knowledge

  • Bloom’s levels 3 to 6

  • Specifies the conditions / context

  • A real life skill

  • Experts agree on importance

  • Standard of excellence

  • Can assess with a rubric

  • Global in scope

  • Student is thinking, acting like a “pro”

Examples of robust slos written by college instructors
Examples of Robust SLOs Written Learning by College Instructors

Course: DGA 166A Dreamweaver

Based on customer needs and specifications, create an accessible, professional-looking five-page Website that reflects the nature of the business and the intended audience and that includes text, graphics, multimedia, and interactive elements.

Eng 100 english composition
Eng 100 - English Composition Learning

Students will be able to write a well organized, well-developed essay of 650 to 1,000 words using standard written English.

Psychology 1 introductory psychology
Psychology 1 – Introductory Psychology Learning

Given an explanation of behavior taken from the popular media, students will critically evaluate the explanation using the appropriate evaluation criteria (e.g., indications of non-random sampling, experimenter bias, lack of peer review, the confirmation bias, and a correlational research design).

To review robust outcomes are critically important competencies meeting the following criteria
To Review: Robust Outcomes are Critically Important Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria

The “robust” learning outcome…

  • Is a behavior or skill beyond recitation

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy level 3 or higher

  • Specifies the conditions

  • Is a real life skill

  • Considered high priority by experts in your unit

  • Has a benchmark of excellence

  • Is amenable to assessment (e.g., by rubric)

  • Is an overarching outcome rather that something minute

Try writing one
Try Writing One Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria

  • A CORE Student Learning Outcome defined:

    Knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes a student has attained upon transfer and/or graduation from your institution.

  • Try writing a robust outcome

Share draft robust outcomes
Share Draft Robust Outcomes Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria


Assessment of Content Knowledge Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria


Fill in the blank


Short answer essay

Assessment of Robust SLOs

Scoring rubric


Embedded assessment
Embedded Assessment Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria

  • A clever way to do gather SLO evidence

  • Minimal impact on current practices

  • No problem with student motivation

Introduction to the rubric
Introduction to the Rubric Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria

  • Scoring rubrics are ideally suited for assessing robust learning outcomes.

Let s develop an assessment rubric for a resume
Let’s Develop an Assessment Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria Rubric for a Resume

Chocolate chip cookie rubric
Chocolate Chip Cookie Rubric Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria

Chocolate Chip Cookie Rubric

A rubric is good
A Rubric is Good! Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria

  • Facilitates staff dialogue regarding satisfactory performance.

  • Creates a more objective assessment.

  • Makes expectation explicit to the student.

  • Encourages metacognitive skill of self-monitoring own learning.

  • Facilitates scoring and reporting of data.

Design your own rubric
Design Your Own Rubric Competencies Meeting the Following Criteria

  • Use the worksheet in your packet to design a scoring rubric for one of your new robust SLOs

Assessment of core slos strategies for moving forward
Assessment of CORE SLOs – CORE SLOsStrategies for Moving Forward

  • Look for existing sources of data

  • Multiple measures – triangulation

  • Embedded assessment

  • Map CORE SLOS to courses, programs, services

  • Assessing a sample versus population

  • Theme years

  • Technology tools

  • Commercial instruments

  • Qualitative assessment (exit surveys, interviews, focus groups)

  • Create an implementation plan

  • Make SLO assessment report part of an annual Institutional Effectiveness Report (?)

The implementation plan
The Implementation Plan CORE SLOs

  • Who, how, where and when will your college gather CORE SLO assessment data?

  • Who will review this assessment data?

  • Who will write and file a SLO report?

Assessing core student learning outcomes

Email: CORE

Work phone: 714-241-6338