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Expense Report Training. s martdata.gen2. Agenda. Expense Reporting Overview User login User roles Viewing and approving Expense Reports. January 2014. Page 2. Create Expense Report & Select Transactions. Split & Allocate Transactions. Add Mileage & Cash Expenses. Submit

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Expense report training

Expense Report Training



  • Expense Reporting Overview

  • User login

  • User roles

  • Viewing and approving Expense Reports

January 2014

Page 2

Expense report management introduction

Create Expense Report & Select Transactions

Split & Allocate Transactions

Add Mileage & Cash Expenses


for Approval

Approving Manager can reject or approve

  • Closing Finance Group can reject or close the report

Expense Report Management Introduction

  • The expense reporting feature allows Smith College to do workflow-based expense management. The expense report workflow and approval steps are defined by the College to help meet their expense approval business needs.

Expense Report Features and Work Flow Process

January 2014

Page 3

Expense report training

User Login

Application Access: Click, type or copy and paste the link below into your browser (save as a favorite for easy access)


You will receive two emails from MasterCard Worldwide. One containing your User ID and the other one containing a temporary Password.

User IDs and Passwords are case-sensitive.

Use these credentials to login for the first time. You will be prompted to change your password and enter additional data.

HINT: Copy and paste the temporary password from the email into the application.

January 2014

Page 4

User login new password and security questions
User Login: New Password and Security Questions

  • Enter the temporary password (copy and paste)

  • Create a new password – must be 8 digits and contain at least 2 numbers

  • Choose a password reset Security Question from the list and enter your answer

  • Click Submit

  • You will now be prompted to setup 3 Challenge Questions and Answers

  • You will be required to answer one randomly selected Challenge Question each time you login

NOTE: User IDs and Passwords are case sensitive.

January 2014

Page 5

Approver login home screen user role
Approver Login: Home Screen – User Role

  • Approvers will likely have multiple ‘User Roles’ in smartdata.

    • Level Manager with your department name – Allows you to approve expense reports for your direct reports as well as monitor transaction activity for same

    • Level Manager with only your name – Allows you to approve your own expense reports created by a reconciler as well as view your own transactions

    • Cardholder – Allows you to create your own expense reports

      • NOTE: if someone is creating expense reports on your behalf you will not have a cardholder role and will only have the level manger role(s)

  • Click on the drop down link on the home page to toggle between the different user types and the screen will refresh to display that role

    • Future logins will default to the role you were using when you last logged out.

Approving expense reports selecting and viewing
Approving Expense Reports: Selecting and Viewing

  • From the Program Activity Section on the Home Page you will see a list of Expense Reports Pending Approval

  • Up to five expense reports are displayed on this screen. If you have more click the View All > hyperlink to go to the Expense Report List screen to view all reports pending your approval

  • Click on the blue hyperlink to view the expense report you want to approve

  • You will receive an email notification when a cardholder submits an expense report requiring approval

Approving expense reports reviewing
Approving Expense Reports: Reviewing

  • You will see a summary view of the Expense Report

  • Use the Progress Panel to navigate to the Split and Cost Allocate screens so that you can view details for each transaction

  • You can also use the progress panel to navigate to the Mileage and Cash screens to review that detail if applicable.

Approving expense reports reviewing cost allocation
Approving Expense Reports: Reviewing Cost Allocation

  • Clicking on the Expand All link opens all of the transactions at once for reviewing

  • Clicking on the Collapse All link closes the allocation screens

  • You can also click on the allocation icon to view one transaction at a time

  • Once opened, review the FOAPAL coding and description detail entered by the cardholder in the account allocation screens.

  • If the coding needs to be updated you can reject the Expense Report on the Review Tab which sends the Expense Report back to the cardholder so they can make changes.

Approving expense reports viewing receipts
Approving Expense Reports: Viewing Receipts

  • View receipt images that may be attached to the expense report by clicking on the View Receipt Icon.

  • While viewing the receipt image you can Print or Download the receipt

Approving expense reports approving rejecting printing
Approving Expense Reports: Approving, Rejecting, Printing

  • Once you have reviewed the Expense Report details navigate to the Review screen

  • Here you have the option to Approve or Reject the Expense Report.

  • Click Approve to approve the Expense Report. The Expense Report will be routed to the Finance Department for closing.

  • Reject the Expense Report by entering information for the rejection in the comments box and then clicking the Reject button. This sends the Expense Report back to the cardholder for further editing.

Approving expense reports expense report list screen
Approving Expense Reports: Expense Report List Screen

  • Once you Approve or Reject an Expense Report you will be taken to the Expense Report List Screen shown below.

  • It will be filtered by Expense Reports that are currently assigned to you for approval. If you have none pending, there will be nothing listed. If you have additional reports to review and approve, click on the blue link for each one to view and continue the approval process

  • Uncheck the Assigned box and click Search to view a list of all Expense Reports and their status.

  • Expense Reports you just approved will show the pending Approver as the Closing Group.

  • This screen may be accessed at any time by choosing Manage Expense Reports from the Financial Tab on the Home Page.

Viewing all transactions and expense report summary report
Viewing all transactions and Expense Report Summary report

  • You can view all transactions for cardholders in your hierarchy at any time by navigating to the Account Summary menu option on the Financial Tab

  • Filter the view by date range and transaction status as needed and click Search

  • There are reports that will provide information regarding the status of Expense Reports:

    • Account Status

    • Approver Summary Expense Report

  • From the Reports Tab choose Schedule Report to run these reports. They will be delivered to your smartdata inbox.