From provincial to glocal
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FROM PROVINCIAL TO GLOCAL. Transylvania as a real and metaphysical site of cultural diversity Rita Sebestyén, PhD Topics:. spaces, places, real/physical, meta-/virtual, τόπος, χώρα, heterotopia, utopia, de /re / territorialization

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From provincial to glocal


Transylvania as a real and metaphysical site of cultural diversity

Rita Sebestyén, PhD


  • spaces, places, real/physical, meta-/virtual, τόπος, χώρα, heterotopia, utopia, de/re/territorialization

  • Transylvania as a real and imaginary space (subject to several cultural/political narratives)

  • rewritten narratives, redrawn maps in the right-wing political discourses

  • all your questions

Spaces and all those related
Spaces – and all those related

  • Ancient Greeks: τόπος, χώρα

  • Heidegger: space, place

  • Foucault: utopia, heterotopia

  • David Wiles: real and meta-spaces

  • Deleuze-Guattari: geophilosohpy – deterritorialization/reterritorialization

  • Péter György: Transylvania as an abusively rewritten imaginary space

Transylvania main features
Transylvania – main features

Geographically: 103,000 km2 (in the Carpathian basin).

Population: Romanian, Hungarian, German, Roma, Armenian, Serbian.


  • Minorities

  • peripheral /province/ on the edge/ sub-culture

  • no economic, cultural and political representation (or weak)

  • tainted by extremist activities

  • multi-cultural

  • multi-lingual

  • multifaceted

Transylvania subject to disputes
Transylvania – subject to disputes

Hungarian minority in Romania:

in 1990: ≈ 2 millions

in 2012: ≈ 1,5 million /the rest:migrant

Deterritorialization (take control over a space or land that is already established): historical, cultural, revisionist theories of right-wing discourse.

Hungary (around 10 million inhabitants)

Romania (around 20 million inhabitants)

P ter gy rgy a zoo in cluj an imaginary transylvania
Péter György: A Zoo in Cluj – An Imaginary Transylvania

  • representation through writers, poets, philosophers – interdisciplinary approach

  • first complex discourse about the Hungarian minority

  • a Transylvanian castle in

    the heart of Budapest, Hungary

  • a pilgrimage to a small

    villageof Transylvania

  • „sacred” places

Cluj cluj napoca kolozsv r klausenburg


Islands and the sea: Ancient Greeks and Deleuze – Guattari.

Hungarian right-wing’s slogan: „once we had three seas – now we do not have any!”

Geophilosophy – how do we understand our existence by reading and mapping the world we live in?

From what perspective could we ever state that there any hierarchy among cultures or cultural phenomena?

Representation through arts
Representation through arts

Theatre: do it, talk about it, get international

Around 20 Hungarian theatres and theatre institutions in Romania:

• state subsidized or supported by the local government

• independent/ alternative/ private groups and companies

• 2 universities

Játéktér/Spatiu de joc/ Playing Area:

Periodical and site: around 50 contributors - from 19 to 75 years old: critics, researchers, theatre professionals (dramaturges, actors, stage directors), philosophers, sociologists, writers, and even a priest!

Representations of the Other:

Language, Body and Space in Cross-Cultural Performances

Romania, Hungary, The USA, Sweden,

The United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Finland,

Malta, Germany, India and maybe Uganda

Globalistaion networking
Globalistaion / Networking

Main conflicts
Main conflicts

Transylvania – re-drawing the counties in Romania and march for autonomy

ROMANIA – Roşia Montana: gold an cyanide in the territory of the country

HUNGARY – right-wing movements: Jewish and Roma people have no place in the imagined Great Hungary

Hungary roma people killed marches of extremists and the radn ti case
Hungary - Roma people killed, marches of extremists and the Radnóti case

Mikl s radn ti how others see january 17 1944 translation by thomas land
Miklós Radnóti: How Others SeeJanuary 17 , 1944 – translation by Thomas Land

How others see this region, I cannot understand:

to me, this little country is menaced motherland

with flames around, the world of my childhood swaying far,

and I am grown from this land as tender branches are

from trees. And may my body sink into this soil in the end.

When plants reach out towards me, I greet them as a friend

and know their names and flowers. I am at home here, knowing

the people on the road and why and where they are going-

and how I know the meaning when by a summer lane

the sunset paints the walls with a liquid flame of pain!

From provincial to glocal

Thank you!

Rita Sebestyén, PhD