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MT Continuum Status

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MT Continuum Status. Jake Aplanalp, AIM Pgm Mgr Gerry Cullison, SSP Mark Campbell, LM SS for SSP Mike French, LSI Jamie Stewart, AIM team. 15-17 Feb 11. Overview. MT Continuum overview Application to other communities Project status. MT Continuum Prototype Project.

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Presentation Transcript
mt continuum status
MT Continuum Status

Jake Aplanalp, AIM Pgm Mgr

Gerry Cullison, SSP

Mark Campbell, LM SS for SSP

Mike French, LSI

Jamie Stewart, AIM team

15-17 Feb 11

  • MT Continuum overview
  • Application to other communities
  • Project status
mt continuum prototype project
MT Continuum Prototype Project

Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) re-engineering 30+ week training pipeline for TRIDENT Ballistic Submarine (SSBN) Missile Techs (MTs) into blended just-enough/just-in-time ILE-conformant Instructor Led (ILT) and self-paced segments

AIM CPM and LO Module toolsets part of SSP’s baseline business process for this re-engineering

First major end-to-end design, development, and maintenance project that’s defining CPM/LO Module business rules and data exchange mechanisms

MT Continuum team:

SSP / contractors - Requirements Owners

NAWCTSD / AIM team - CPM/LO Module support

LSI, Inc. - ISD and self-paced content design/development

application to other communities
Application to Other Communities
  • Based on NETC-mandated JDTA as fleet performance requirement basis for learning content design and development
  • Closely coordinated with NAVEDTRA 136 development
  • NETC N7 staff recommended as “Poster Child” for ongoing NETC Continuum effort with all Centers
  • Integrated development and maintenance environment for blended, SCORM and 136-compliant learning content
project status
Project Status
  • Plan, Analyze and Design Completed
    • JDTA
    • Establishment of initial 3 major projects
    • Approval of revised 11-project structure
      • Approval of learning objectives
      • Approval of ISD considerations elements
  • Production Phase Kickoff Pending
    • Will be followed by export of 11 projects from CPM to LO Module for production development in AIM I Rel 4.1 on fedsun
aim tool usage
AIM Tool Usage
  • Dedicated MT Continuum Prototype CPM and AIM I Rel 4.1 instances hosted in Orlando
  • Local AIM I Rel 4.1 instances running at GD-AIS Pittsfield (SMEs) and at LSI Jax (ISD/CD)
  • Bi-directional data exchange between LO Module and LSI LDC authoring toolset in place
  • Excellent feedback from MT Continuum team on enhanced functionality and performance needed in CPM & LO Module
aim tool usage contd
AIM Tool Usage(contd)
  • Status:
    • Per GD-AIS feedback, performance-enhanced version of AIM I Rel 4.1 running locally in Pittsfield and Jax as well as on Orlando server
    • Per GD-AIS feedback, significant enhancements made to AIM I Rel 4.1 storyboard functions/output
    • Several additional enhancements recommended by GD-AIS incorporated into AIM I Rel 4.1 (Jan 11 delivery)
    • AIM team resolved performance and reliability issues with Orlando fedsun Metaframe instance
issues concerns
  • “End to end” surveillance/maintenance test on TLO/ELO in process to:
    • confirm existing change impact identification functionality in CPM and LO Module
    • identify near-term updates
    • refine longer-term enhancements
      • Testing begun by Mark Campbell and Mike Lueken (LMMS) w/ favorable results
      • Identified critical issues addressed as part of AIM I Rel 4.1 and 5.0
      • Further testing surveillance testing on LDC is still required and ongoing with Rel 4.1 by Jamie Swaim (CSF)
      • Team continues to refine versioning business rules/process
modernized aim
Modernized AIM

Modernized AIM can

tie the entire

process together

frm inputs on enhancements
FRM Inputs on Enhancements
  • Item Add support to update Section content using the No-Change Change capability like AIM I.
  • Item Add ‘Select Later IETM’ functionality in the LO Module to update your Section’s IETM links with a later version of an IETM without having to reselect nodes