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Regional Consultation: Outaouais Health & Social Services Network for the English-speaking population September 27 th , 2006. “Building Healthy Community Links”. Mission Statement & Mandate.

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Building healthy community links

Regional Consultation:Outaouais Health & Social Services Network for the English-speaking population September 27th, 2006

“Building Healthy Community Links”

Mission statement mandate
Mission Statement & Mandate

The Outaouais Health & Social Services Network involves citizens, public institutions, service organizations, and community resources in the planning and delivery of quality and accessible health and social services to the English-speaking population.

  • Build the knowledge base and provide information

  • Help maintain and improve access

  • Identify and address potential service gaps, access issues

  • Understand and participate in the new health structure

  • Build networking and partnership capacities

What we ve done 2005 06
What we’ve done, 2005–06

Building the knowledge base and provide information:

  • Sponsored a comprehensive research report

    Helping maintain and improve access:

  • Engaged in several Primary Health Care projects

    Identifying and addressing potential service gaps, access issues:

  • Partnered in McGill Nursing Retention Project

    Building networking and partnership capacities:

  • Hosted the OHSSN Regional Forum (February ’06)

    Understanding and participating in the new health structure:

  • Engaging the Regional Advisory Committee

English speaking community research
English-speaking community research

  • OHSSN Health & social services needs assessment for the English-speaking population of the Outaouais, 2005

  • CHSSN 4 regional profiles and reports on the English-speaking communities

    2003–04: 16 Québec administrative regions2004–05: Communities in CLSC territories2005–06: Social Capital Report English-language Health Services access in Québec

Crop chssn 2005 survey community vitality of anglophones
CROP-CHSSN 2005 Survey Community Vitality of Anglophones

(3,129 Anglophones — 1,002 Francophones)

  • Slight population growth

  • Lower proportion of seniors

  • Higher ratio of care-givers to seniors

  • Higher than average rate for non-completion of high-school

  • Two age groups (25-34 and 85 years/over) are more likely to have incomes below the low-income cut-off rate

Survey s findings
Survey’s findings

Outaouais region / province of Québec

  • Perceived general state of health

  • Satisfaction with regional access to services

  • Most important issues for Anglophones in Québec and the Outaouais

(see handout)

Use of health and social services
Use of health and social services

  • Use of services by Anglophones

  • Reasons for out-of-region use of services

(see handout)

Access to services in english
Access to services in English

  • Barriers encountered by Anglophones

  • Information provided by public health and social service institutions in English

  • Sources of information in English about public health promotion and prevention programs

(see handout)

Focus groups june october 2005
Focus Groups June – October, 2005

  • Aylmer, Hull, Gatineau

  • Wakefield/Chelsea

  • Buckingham

  • Low, Kazabazua, Maniwaki

  • Quyon, Campbell’s Bay

  • Total 14 groups / 130 participants

  • 64 rural / 66 urban

  • Average age of 53.7 years

Focus groups results
Focus Groups — results

  • Participants’ view of health

  • Participants’ view of service provision challenges according to:

    • Social problems

    • Access-to-service issues

    • Language barriers

    • Bio-medical issues

(see handout)

Focus groups highlights
Focus Groups — highlights

  • Reasons for identified problems

  • Specific needs of the English-speaking population in the Outaouais

  • Priority of health issues

  • Priority of service issues

(see handout)

Action next steps
Action > next steps…

OHSSN Strategy, 2006-07Develop a networking organization that addresses the needs of the English-speaking community by collaborating with the structure and priorities of the Québec health and social services system

Ohssn s commitment
OHSSN’s Commitment

  • OHSSN will provide leadership and support in promoting access to health and social services in English

  • OHSSN can help build healthy community links between the health, education, and community sectors

Merci thank you
Merci / Thank you!