The learner s journey an approach to the assessment and moderation of reading
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The Learner’s Journey : an approach to the assessment and moderation of reading. Michelle Moore Literacy Development Officer City of Edinburgh Council Who are you?. Awwww…sigh…remember 5-14….

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The learner s journey an approach to the assessment and moderation of reading

The Learner’s Journey: an approach to the assessment and moderation of reading

Michelle Moore

Literacy Development Officer

City of Edinburgh Council

From the literacy and english moderation and reporting short life working group june 2011
From the Literacy and English: Moderation and Reporting Short Life Working Group June 2011:

  • One piece of writing does not demonstrate developing, consolidating or security at a level

  • The levels are not linear and should not be seen as linear i.e. a child may not progress through early level developing, consolidating, secure then first level developing, consolidating, secure and so on.

  • The nature of CfE is breadth and depth.

Cfe bca not dcs breadth challenge application
CFE= BCA, not DCS Short Life Working Group June 2011:Breadth, Challenge, Application

Significant aspects of learning for reporting documents
Significant Aspects of Learning for reporting documents Short Life Working Group June 2011:

Reading assessment evidence can be
Reading assessment evidence can be... Short Life Working Group June 2011:

  • SAY

The learner s journey an approach to the assessment and moderation of reading

  • WRITE Short Life Working Group June 2011:

The learner s journey an approach to the assessment and moderation of reading

  • DO by Eva Ibbotson

The learner s journey
The Learner’s Journey by Eva Ibbotson

  • Get on the learning train

  • Get off every so often (assessment stops)

  • At the end of the journey, reflect

  • Start again...

Ronan s journey
Ronan’s Journey by Eva Ibbotson

Task research an aspect of the rainforest
Task: Research an aspect of the rainforest. by Eva Ibbotson

Red-Eyed Tree Frog


This frog is carnivorous and eats mostly insects including crickets. They actually also feed on other smaller frogs.


Red-Eyed Tree Frogs live in the lower parts of the rainforest, near ponds and will be found by any type of water source that its young shall need.


Males will grow to be 2cm and females will grow to about 3-4cm long.


The Red-Eyed Tree Frog is known for its huge bulging eyes and its orange toes. It also has a green back and some green streaks on its belly. It has suction cups on its toes so it can easily walk on trees and leaves when it is damp.


The frog lays its eggs on the back o leaves above a water so when the eggs hatch the fluid washes the tadpoles into the water.

The learner s journey an approach to the assessment and moderation of reading

________ by Eva Ibbotson Primary School


EH__ ____

8th September, 2011

Dear _________,

Thankyou for making my extraordinary week at Benmore worth while.

My favourite activities were gorge walking, (which was magnificent) kayaking and problem

solving. As you may notice, these activities are the ones that we got soaked on! My

favourite part of gorge walking was when you set us the challenge of walking across a

wooden log but I fell in with a splash! When kayaking the best part was when I did a

headstand on my seat and ended up doing a forward roll and landing on the back of my

kayak! Problem solving was great fun. Although we found it hard to work together we got

there in the end. My favourite part was when we did the rope swing because it was so

frightening I was soaring, and soaring and….aaah!!!

My week was fantastic and you made it extra special. If I come back I hope that you will be my

instructor again and we can have as much fun as we had last time (Maybe even more !!!)

Yours Sincerely,


Insect organisation
Insect Organisation by Eva Ibbotson

The old oak tree
The Old Oak Tree by Eva Ibbotson

At the bottom of my garden there stands an old oak tree.

I sit outside and read as it hangs over me.

In the Autumn the brown leaves float down to the ground,

My dad he scoops them all up into a huge rustling mound.

One snowy Winter a strong wind blows,

And the old oak tree tumbling down it goes.

But I still sit outside but ontop of the tree,

As the trunk is horizontal and its roots are now free.

St lucia holiday brochure page
St. Lucia – holiday brochure page by Eva Ibbotson

The destination is the sunny island resort of St. Lucia. The little Carribean island is a tropical paradise. The island is surrounded by warm waters, home to all kinds of amazing fish and sea creatures. Banana plantations are all over this little gem of an island. Who could resist the beautiful white sands and the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore as you’re in your deckchair, sunbathing on the beach?

You will travel to Cuba first class, then take boat to St. Lucia. You can go on trips to other Carribean islands, south america, Florida and Mexico. You can swim in the sea, or , if you fancy a more adventurous break, white water rafting, powerboating, zip-wire, tree climbing and snorkeling.

There are many steam gysers and two mountains which are represented on the St. Lucian flag. Who could resist spending a few weeks in this tropical paradise?

Where is this learner on their journey
Where is this learner on their journey? by Eva Ibbotson

  • Where would you take them next?

  • What else would you want to see in terms of writing from this learner?

  • Using the Significant Aspects of Learning document, have a professional discussion with those at your table about this.