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Director: Prof. Dr. Sci. in Optics Valerii I. Arbuzov - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SOI Federal Unitary Enterprise Research and Technological Institute of Optical Material Science (RTIOMS) Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Director: Prof. Dr. Sci. in Optics Valerii I. Arbuzov. RTIOMS History. 1918 : Foundation Foundation of the

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Director prof dr sci in optics valerii i arbuzov

SOIFederal Unitary EnterpriseResearch and Technological Institute of Optical Material Science(RTIOMS) Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Prof. Dr. Sci. in Optics

Valerii I. Arbuzov

Rtioms history

RTIOMS History

1918: Foundation Foundation of the

of the State Optical World war I Plant of Optical Institute (SOI) Glasses (POG)

1927: Russia ceased to buy

optical glasses abroad RTIOMS

1990-1994: objectives:

All-Un. (Rus.) 1970: 1st Branch of the SOI

Sci. Center with Experimental POG

Vavilov SOI *Elaboration,


RTIOMS, 2000-2001: *Production

Sci. Center VSOI RTIOMSof Opt. Mater.

Rtioms research and production scheme

RTIOMS Research and Production Scheme


Deputy Chief of Department

Director Chief-Engineer Experimental of Quality

(Research) Production Control

Research Maintenance Production

Depts and of Exploitation Sections on:

Labs on: of Buildings, *Glasses

*Glasses Equipment, *Crystals

*Crystals and Power, *Silica gl-s

*Fibers Water and Gas *Ceramics

*Ceramics Lines *Machining

Rtioms technologies and materials

RTIOMS Technologies and Materials

*Colorlessopticaland radiation resistantglasses; IR glasses and crystals; Colored glasses(optical filters)optical instrument-making;shield windows (‘hot’ chambers, radiation inits); optics; photography; cinematography

* Radiation sensitive glasses and crystals; Magneto- and Electro-optical glasses;Ion-exchanged glasses;Glasses for micro-channel plates radiation dose monitoring, ionizing radiation sensoring;high speed modulators, sensors, and switchers; micro-optics, wave guides; night vision devices

*Phosphate and silicatelaser glasses (doped with Nd, Er, Yb-Er, Cr-Yb-Er) laser technique;laser induced nuclear fusion; range-finding; medicine (ophtalmology)

Rtioms technologies and materials1

RTIOMS Technologies and Materials

*Silica glasses substrates,windows, diffuse reflectors

*Optical crystals; Laser crystals;Non-linear crystalsoptical instrument-making,UV photolithography;laser technique;non-linear optics

*Colored and colorlessglass ceramics;Non-linear glass ceramicsconstructional optical materials, diffuse reflectors, medicine (stomatology, orthopedy);laser technique, non-linear optics

Rtioms technologies and materials2

RTIOMS Technologies and Materials

*Polycrystalline optical ceramics optical instrument-making, ionizing radiation sensoring

*RefractorySiO2-ceramicscrucibles, covers, tubes, stirers, barrels(glass melting, oxidation and homogenizing; radiactive waste immobilization; metallurgy (steel pouring))

* Optical fibers: telecommunication, technical and medical endoscopy

Rtioms partnership list

RTIOMS Partnership List

Current contracts:

* Korea Electro-Technical Research Institute 3 Projects on Glass Ceramics

* China Institute of Material Science 1 Project onTechnology of Oxygen-free Glasses

* ColorChip (Israel) Ltd1 Project on Er-glasses for Integrated Optics

Projects supported by the istc

Projects supported by the ISTC

Project 392: 1997 - 2002

Luminescent Optical Ceramics for X-Ray Medical Equipment

Project Manager: Dr Vladimir A. Demidenko:

Elaborated Gd2O2S based ceramics with hightened characteristics

Project 979: 1998 – 2001

Electrooptical Glasses for Information Transmitting and Processing Systems

Project Manager: Dr Sci Leonid V. Maksimov:

Multicomponent glasses, Glass ceramics, Ion-exchanged glasses with hightened Kerr coefficient

Possible collaboration models

Possible Collaboration Models

*Joint Projects carried out by international research groups in their Institutes under the financial support of International Science and Technology Center

*Joint Laboratories, scientist change, seminars and conferences

*Optical material production to orders of international customers