2012 State of the Union
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2012 State of the Union Suzanne Silver , Donna Fricke , Joshua Paul, Jeff Denbo , Chenoa Lane , Teresa Nymick. one team, one goal. Free Powerpoint Templates. 2011 Stats. (Hotel Portfolio). Hotel Revenue +1.2 million to budget 8% over budget 19% growth over 2010.

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2012 State of the Union

Suzanne Silver , Donna Fricke, Joshua Paul, Jeff Denbo,

ChenoaLane, Teresa Nymick

one team, one goal.

Free Powerpoint Templates

2011 Stats. (Hotel Portfolio)

  • Hotel Revenue

    • +1.2 million to budget

    • 8% over budget

    • 19% growth over 2010

  • RevPAR (Comparison to Competitors)

    • 136% index

    • 28.8%growth over 2010

State of the Union, 2012

HR Instant Replay

Free Powerpoint Templates

Benefits Eligibility

  • Managers available for benefits immediately, will kick in the 15th of next month.

  • Line Level employees eligible for benefits after 6 months of employment, and an average 32 hours per week worked.

Benefits Enrollment Packet

  • How much they will pay for benefits?

    • what is included in medical benefits

    • what is included in dental benefits

    • a medical benefit enrollment sheet

    • dental benefit enrollment sheet

    • Waiver sheet

How to Enroll

  • 30 days to complete packet, give to GM

  • GM will send to Lisa

Decline Benefits

  • Employees may chose to waive medical benefits, must sign waiver and return to GM

  • Cannot enroll again until open enrollment

  • May enroll if there is qualifying event

    • i.e. death in family, divorce, marriage

401K Eligibility

  • Must meet ALL THREE of the following criteria:

    • 1 year of employment

    • 1000 hours worked

    • 21 years or older

401K Enrollment

  • Eligible employees will receive a letter.

  • Contact Lisa Trimble, who will sign employee up on ADP website.

  • Will be able to manually control their contributions online themselves.

  • Once eligible, can enroll at anytime.

  • Line level employees without computer access may need a GM’s assistance to enroll.

Company Matching

  • Company will make a Matching Contribution equal to 35.0 % of your Elective Deferrals.

  • Company will not match Elective Deferrals that exceed 3.0 % of your eligible earnings.

  • For example, if you defer 3% of your eligible earnings, the company will match 35% of that deferral. If you defer 2% of your eligible earnings, the company will match 35% of the deferral. If you defer 4% of your eligible earnings, the company will match 35% of the first 3% of your deferral.

Employee Reviews

  • GM’s will receive email indicating employees due for review

  • Done by immediate supervisor and general manager


  • To request raise for a salaried employee, email Brittany wage increase request showing current salary and what they want to increase it to. Suzanne will sign and give back to the GM for review with employee.

  • GM’s have authority to increase line level employee wages by up to 4% at their discretion by sending paperwork to Lisa. If a GM would like to increase by more than 4%, they should send request to Brittany.

Basic Information

  • Supplemental insurance that eligible employees can participate in

  • Aflac packets are available for employees by request (by Donna or Brittany)

Aflac Eligibility

  • Same requirements for medical benefits must be met (6 months, 32 hours worked)

  • Once employees are eligible, they can sign up at any time, always open enrollment

  • If employee goes out on disability or Leave Of Absence, Delco will contact AFLAC to suspend coverage or the employee is required to pay the monthly fee to AFLAC directly to continue benefits.

Incident Report

  • GM insure the correct incident report is completely filled out. Incident reports should be filled out no matter how small the injury is.

  • Send to Suzanne who will forward to Donna for insurance purposes.

  • If employee in accident while driving van, accident kit located in glove compartment.

Incorrect External Guest

Incident Report Example

Correct External Guest

Incident Report Example

Incorrect Internal Guest

Incident Report Example

Correct Internal Guest

Incident Report Example

Injured Employees

  • Injured employees should be sent to the nearest Concentra.

  • GM should phone Concentra prior to employee’s arrival.

  • If the Concentra is not open, send to the closest emergency room.

  • Corporate Office will provide GM with Claim number which should be given to employee to code all billing and invoices.

Once on Worker’s Compensation

  • Be sure to keep frequent contact with employee and document attempted calls.

  • SVP and Corporate Office need to be frequently updated on Worker’s Status.

  • Modified work schedule if possible.


Donna Fricke

Insuring Your Players in 2012

State of the Union, 2012

Hotels Bonus Program

Free Powerpoint Templates


  • Delco Development has paid $128,280 in 2011

  • Delco has once again committed up to 10% of our total payroll.

  • Everyone in the entire hotel community has the opportunity to earn the same percentage based on the same scorecard.


  • GSS/SALT/Medallion Scores

  • REVPAR as per STAR Report

  • GOP

  • Employee Retention

Bonus plan
Bonus Plan

  • ALL Associates bonus will be calculated at 10% of GROSS wages made during the quarter.

  • Each of the 4 sections of the Balanced Score Card is worth 1/4 of the full bonus.

  • Failure to achieve any portion of the score card reduces the payment by 1/4 for each portion not achieved.

  • Failure to achieve the Balanced Score Card entirely results in no bonus payment for that quarter.

  • Sales Department is bonused based on their commission.

Internal guest bonus qualifications
Internal Guest Bonus Qualifications

  • All associates are eligible for bonus at time of employment.

  • Associate must have met or exceeded the criteria as outlined in the BALANCED SCORE CARD.

  • Associate MAY NOT have any DOCUMENTED Verbal or Written Warnings during quarter (a Note to File is NOT considered disciplinary action for purposes of bonus)

  • Associate must be employed by DELCO at time Bonus is paid out.

Cause effect
Cause & Effect

  • Internal Guests become more engaged when working towards a goal, especially one that directly impacts their finances.

  • The Departmental Goal will foster greater TEAMWORK as everyone will be working together to achieve bonus.

  • Depreciation of bonus via the Balanced Score Card results in a payment for achievement only and identifies consequences for failure.

The delco dish out

Payments will be added to payroll.

Recognition should coincide with quarterly Internal Guest Appreciation Event.

Should be a “celebration” of accomplishments, and a review of opportunities and strengths.

The Delco Dish-Out!

Bonus program summary
Bonus Program Summary

This is the most simple method of calculating bonus payments for our Internal Guests.

This plan provides rewards for accomplishment & opportunities for improvement.

The bonus program is based on Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, & Timely goals.

Quarterly Calculation Worksheet and all back up paperwork must be submitted all together and given to the VP of Hotels for approval.


Joshua Paul

Extra Point$ in 2012

State of the Union, 2012

Social Media

Free Powerpoint Templates

Review the tape
Review the Tape!


Review the tape1
Review the Tape!


2012 goals
2012 Goals

  • Continue Success of Social Media Liaison Program

    - Complete Q1 Social Media Audit

    • Feedback from the current SMLs

    • Create Month by Month Media Schedule

  • Websites

    • Functionality for Applicants on delcodevelopment.com

    • Enhance Content on Video and Social Sites

  • Video Blogs, TweetOnTheWall, iPad and Facebook Applications


Teresa Nymick

in 2012

State of the Union, 2011

Culture & Training

Free Powerpoint Templates


“I can teach skills, develop positive attitudes, and redirect motivation. I can’t teach passion and the willingness to learn. Either you have it…or you don’t.”

Del co re values
DelCORE Values

  • Do the Right Thing

  • Show the Love

  • Balance

  • Take Action

  • Never Quit


Jeff Denbo

Culture & Training Camp in 2012

State of the Union, 2011

Sales & Marketing

Free Powerpoint Templates

Total US Key Performance IndicatorsYear End 2010 v. YTD April 2011Data obtained from Smith Travel Research

2011 accomplishments
2011 Accomplishments

  • Weekly Sales Calls & Meetings

  • Hired Great Talent

  • Social Media & Website Optimization

  • GSO Relationships and RFP Bid Process

  • 3rd Party Participation

  • Market Penetration (Every one of our hotels are getting more than their fair share)

  • Rev Maxing to ensure we get the business for the right day and time

  • Awards and Accolades: Aloft named “Best of the Best for weddings”, Both Super 8s “Pride of Super 8” Hampton Inn Pennsville “Wall of Fame”

  • Renovations to meeting and banquet space

Market penetration 2011 ytd as of december str report
Market Penetration 2011YTD as of December STR Report

*Super 8 Pennsville in 2010 only showing index for the last 6 months due to new opening

**Aloft comp set is full service.

A look ahead 2012
A Look Ahead: 2012

  • Is the hospitality industry looking bright?


  • What will you need to do to stay ahead?

    Data and Research, RevMaxing

  • What are the risks in the outlook?


  • What have we learned from these past two years? ???

What we sell
What We Sell


Meeting Space

Food & Beverage


Upsells: linens, value added packages, etc.

2012 playbook
2012 Playbook


Outside Sales Calls, Site Visits, Use of Best Practices

Competitive and Appealing Packages

Amenities, Benefits, Comparison

Open House Showcases

Social Events Showcase, Corporate Event Showcase


Hotelligence, STR


Competitive Shopping, Relationships with Counterparts


Menus, Sales Kits, GSO, Social Media & Online Technology


Follow Through, Keep Pushing, Positive Mind Set, Can-Do Attitude, Always Part of the Solution


Chenoa Lane

Concessions & Sales in 2012

Sum up the season!

Suzanne Silver

one team, one goal.