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EUROCAE WG-78 / RTCA SC-214 Plenary#6 Meeting Toulouse, 8th December 2008

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EUROCAE WG-78 / RTCA SC-214 Plenary#6 Meeting Toulouse, 8th December 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EUROCAE WG-78 / RTCA SC-214 Plenary#6 Meeting Toulouse, 8th December 2008. SG 1 & SG 2 Report & Meeting objectives. Thierry LELIEVRE, SG-1 European Co-Chair ALTRAN On behalf of EUROCONTROL. Rich RAWLS, SG-1 US Co-Chair The BOEING Company. Presented by.

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Plenary#6 Meeting

Toulouse, 8th December 2008

SG 1 & SG 2

Report &

Meeting objectives


SG-1 European Co-Chair



SG-1 US Co-Chair

The BOEING Company

Presented by

overview of sg 1 2 progress report
Overview of SG 1&2 Progress report
  • Significant Progress on CPDLC OSA

(28 Nov version)=> Mature Safety Assessment in ENV-B

  • Consolidation of the Integrated SPR (24nov version)
  • Progress OPA Approach and Assessment
  • Progress of First draft of CM OSA

(8 Dec version)

consolidation of integrated spr
Consolidation of Integrated SPR
  • New « CLEAN » version of Integrated SPR has been distributed on 24 November 2008
        • Part 1 : Chapter 1: Introduction / Chapter 2 : ATS Function / Chapter 3 : Environment
        • Part 2 : Chapter 4 : CM Application
        • Part 3 : Chapter 5: CPDLC Application + CPDLC Section
        • Part 4 : Chapter 6 : FIS Application
        • Part 5 : Appendices and Annexes
  • « Redline » version is posted in archive on FAA website
  • New SPR comment matrix (excel format) : 185 Com.
  • 24 remain open/working
  • 6 open Showstoppers (among 16) mainly on Part 1
    • Compliance with DO264/ED78
    • Consideration of Oceanic Env.
    • ATS Function definition and relationship with ATS & DataLink services
    • Environment figures (i.e Primary vs supplemental means of com.)
    • Relationship with other standards (SPR)
overview of integrated spr document status
Overview of Integrated SPR Document status

Relationship with others standards

List of applicable documents

Acronyms & Glossary of terms

1 - Introduction

Clear definition of applicable ATS Functions

Notional relationship of ATS, ATS Function, DL services

2 - ATS Functions

3 - Environment Types & Characteristics

Review Draft DLIC OSA

Develop the DLIC OPA

  • 4 - CM Application
    • OSD / OSA / OPA

Consolidate new ACM Scenario in OSD

Assess CPDLC OSA in Env C


  • 5 - CPDLC Application
    • OSD / OSA / OPA

Assess D-OTIS OSA in Env C

Develop D-OTIS OPA

  • 7 - FIS Application
    • OSD / OSA / OPA

Annexes & Appendices

OPA Methodology

integrated spr session objectives
Integrated SPR Session Objectives

=> Progress on pending comment resolution

  • 24 pending comments + 102 news comments (7 new showstoppers):
  • 1 Showstopper from BOIENG
  • 43 new comments from AIRBUS with 3 showstoppers :
      • “The aircraft system shall make transmitted/received ACM/ACL messages available for flight crew review.“ There are other CPDLC message elements Airbus don't want to display to the crew. As a minimum, CPDLC message elements intended for System management (as per ICAO Doc 4444) shall be excluded from this requirement.
      • This is not the usual for any ATS avionics systems to warn the flight crew when an uplink is discarded. If a request was pending, the crew will be warned about the lack of answer in due time if required.
  • 17 new comments from DSNA-DTI with 4 showstoppers :
      • Clarify the Relationship of this SPR with the existing SPR (i.e. ED120)
      • Ensure the Traceability between SO/SR and mitigation means (Operational requirements) shall be provided.
      • “Certification” of the sources of Flight Plan information used in DLIC
  • 41 new comments from SG3most of them for Interop & SPR consistency
integrated spr session objectives1
Integrated SPR Session Objectives

=> Progress on Ops issues resolution

  • Confirmation of Monitored frequency scenario => Presentation of new ACM scenario (3Dec)
    • Action SG1&2 – Brussels – n°2 / Wim BRONDSEMA/José Roca: Prepare a position paper assessing the proposed scenarios for the Frequency Tuning Confirmation
  • Use of Aircraft TTr Timer => Position paper « Aircraft Timer ttr » (3Dec)
    • Action SG1&2 – Brussels – n°3 /Wim Brondsema/Kathy DEVito/Thierry LELIEVRE: Prepare a position paper assessing the consequences of having one value for aircraft timer ‘ttr’, while having different values for ground timer ‘tts’ and to assess the feasibility and consequences from safety and performance and incompatibility perspective for reliance on only ‘tts’
  • Validation D-TAXI « TAXI TO » Clearance structure & variables
    • Action SG1&2 – Brussels – n°1 / Christian BOUSMANNE: To assess in detail the proposal to be sure that the message structure satisfies the operational need
  • Scenario for DCL Revision => Position paper « DCL request operational scenario » (5Dec)
    • Action SG1&2 – Brussels – n°4 / Christian BOUSMANE: To prepare a position paper assessing the operational effect of the transmission of new DCL request once the initial clearance has been uplinked and acknowledged by the crew to support plenary#6 decision
  • ERROR Processing : Msg Ref Number provision in the ERROR when LACK not required in the msg it refers to => SG3 Position paper « Sending Error to Resp(N) Uplink Msg » (3Dec)
  • D-OTIS Service : Template for NOTAM, ATIS & TAF
    • Action SG1&2 – Brussels – n°5 / Jerry Smith/Gregg Anderson: To check consistency of FAA METAR, NOTAM and TAF templates and those of WG78/SC214 and to discuss wanted FAA changes at next meeting
  • Proposal for improvement of the text describing the graphical part of the D-TAXI service (Chapter 5.4.6- Graphical element of D-TAXI OSD)=> Position paper “taxi graph” (5Dec)
progress on cpdlc osa
Progress on CPDLC OSA
  • CPDLC OSA has been started after Plenary 5.
    • Services included: ACM, ACL, AMC, DCL, D-TAXI
    • ENV-B is considered
    • 3 types of messages
    • 3 airspaces (ER, TMA, APT)
  • 2 subgroup working sessions (Melbourne, Brussels)
  • Document issued for plenary review on 28th November.
    • Includes: OHA, SO allocation, Fault Trees for all SC3 OHs, SR
    • NO Comment received
cpdlc osa objectives of the week
CPDLC OSA Objectives of the week
  • Any comments?
  • Start reflection on ENV-C consideration in OSA.
  • Agree on the way to link CPDLC OSA with:
    • OPA
    • CM OSA
  • Agree on detected OH which have been included since 28th November
  • CPDLC OSA mature enough to be integrated in ISPR??
progress on opa rcp concept
Progress on OPA: RCP Concept
  • RCP-type
      • Parameter definitions: A, C, I and times, + transaction types SG agreed
        • More accurately defined than ICAO-RCP (no misinterpretations)
        • In contact with GOLD (oceanic) through Tom
        • Future update ICAO doc: Pending more experience
      • Beneficial (to achieve ATS functions + Global consistency)
        • CPDLC; Need for D-OTIS TBD
    • RCP-Time
      • Some don’t like to include initiator composition, recognition times.
      • But ….Reasonable assumptions are possible.
    • Tentatively, E-t-E times: TRN based (as ED120/DO290)
      • TRN values:
        • DOTIS: Agreed
        • CPDLC: ED120/DO290 values is starting point.
      • Potential changes:
        • ER: Pending MUAC statistics 1Q09.
        • Airport: DCL OK, DTAXI: No insight (trial/sim needed)
        • TMA: DTAXI - No insight (trial/sim needed); ACL: See FAA-1996 study
progress on opa rcp concept1
Progress on OPA: RCP Concept
  • RCP- Availability (Ause; Aprov)
      • D-OTIS: Less demanding value needed (given ATS function) than for CPDLC.
        • First define Aac and Aacsp (common for CPDLC & DOTIS). Then define E-t-E value.
      • C PDLC: Compared with OSA value (Aprov=1E-5 stringent)
        • Cost aspect: Very important
        • Reasonable: Ause=0.993 ; Aprov=0.999
    • RCP-Continuity (C )
      • DOTIS
        • Linked with E-tE Time. If relaxed C also relaxed
        • No OSA figure. Purely usability figure No agreed value yet.
      • CPDLC: C=0.999 as starting point
      • Need MUAC statistics 1Q09 reality check
    • RCP-Integrity (C )
      • Value from OSA, not OPA value.
    • Allocations (TBD Wed)
      • Responder time (ttr in AC): See Paper
      • RCTP (AC System, ACSP, ATSU System)
      • Two statistical approaches proposed