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The Power of Virtualization PowerPoint Presentation
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The Power of Virtualization

The Power of Virtualization

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The Power of Virtualization

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  1. The Power of Virtualization

    Eli Dakhil
  2. What is Virtualization?
  3. Why? 80% 20%
  4. Benefits Savings in capital and operational expenses Greater ROI Reduction in physical servers Reduced energy usage Improved recovery Automation of data center operations
  5. Staff and Hours * calculated with 2.5 times a year, 20 people sent to remote data center for a week of disaster-recovery drills and then only two-three people sent to drills, and for only two-three days (Santos of Burton Group)
  6. CPU Utilization
  7. Timeline and Space “… server virtualization typically pays for itself in just six to nine months,” says Rob Smoot, Head of vCenter Product Marketing at Vmware U.S. Veterans Administration counting on virtualization to reduce space needed in hospitals and house server boxes by 50% Virtualized 10% of its 15,000 servers and counting
  8. Systems Management “Virtualized environments are already over provisioned, by applying analytics, this might be improved by 30-50%” - J.W.V. IT departments can achieve maximum return from remaining physical assets Bigger savings in the area of systems management Having fewer physical servers simplifies the management task provisioning, load-balancing, recovery from faults can be automated Creates new layer of infrastructure to manage VMs can get out of hand if not managed properly, leading to increased management costs
  9. Systems Management cont. “You can run the virtualized environment with fewer people," - Roy Illsley, Senior Analyst at market watchers Ovum Ltd. Cut across operational silos, IT becomes business-focused Even without organizational changes, data centers easier to manage Less-technical users in other departments to reserve and provision servers using simple Web interface Can succeed with right management tools and strategies to let administrators establish and control physical and virtual server pools, user profiles and automated build procedures CA Spectrum® Automation Manager "Our plan is definitely to manage virtual and physical servers together, […] we hope to have a more complete and comprehensive view of the virtual environment" - Najjar of AXA
  10. Software and Hardware VMware's virtualization software, vSphere 4.0 New Intel and AMD chips enable applications to run as fast on virtual servers as on physical servers — or faster Can dissolve the organizational silos Data centers easier to manage 100% virtualized data centers becomes viable
  11. Testimonials "At the end of the day, what we really are trying to do is optimize the customer experience […] we expect virtualization to help us save money and be greener […] what virtualization provides is on-demand-based computing. When demand increases, we can dynamically allocate new resources to satisfy that request.“ – Jeff Lush “To provide effective monitoring, customers need an enterprise solution that can determine root cause across the different technology silos — application, network, systems (including virtual) and database[…] you can get ahead of performance problems before they affect the end user.“ - Jay Wink, Solutions Architect at CA
  12. Conclusion + HW cost Heat/Cool Support Real Estate - Complex MGMT Cost
  13. Questions?