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WATCH D.O.G.S. Kerr Elementary

WATCH D.O.G.S. Kerr Elementary. Calling All Kerr DADS. Sign - Up Today. Agenda. Welcome! Mission Statement Other Support You Can Offer Expectations Guidelines Your WATCH D.O.G. Day Other Duties You May Be Asked to Do Finishing Your WATCH D.O.G. Day Parting Thoughts. Welcome.

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WATCH D.O.G.S. Kerr Elementary

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  1. WATCH D.O.G.S. Kerr Elementary

  2. Calling All Kerr DADS Sign - Up Today

  3. Agenda • Welcome! • Mission Statement • Other Support You Can Offer • Expectations • Guidelines • Your WATCH D.O.G. Day • Other Duties You May Be Asked to Do • Finishing Your WATCH D.O.G. Day • Parting Thoughts

  4. Welcome • Welcome Dads, Granddads, Uncles, and other Father Figures! • We are so glad you are here tonight! • For the next few minutes we want to introduce you to a program at Kerr Elementary that increases with importance each and every day • What do you mean dads don’t care, or don’t really know what goes on in their children’s school? • You do – Right? So here is a way to demonstrate that caring

  5. Mission Statement • Our Mission Statement from the National Center for Fathering and endorsed by the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services is: • Improve the well-being of children by inspiring and equipping men to be more effectively involved in the lives of their children

  6. Other Support You Can Offer • Provide added assistance to our security measures at our school • Work one-on-one with a student or in small groups of students • Read to students • Use flashcards • Help with homework • Be a sports referee • Give a listening ear • Help a teacher / office personnel as a handyman

  7. Expectations • You are being asked to spend at least one day at your child’s / children’s school in this extraordinary volunteering opportunity! • Yes, you read that right – just one day in the school year • We certainly hope that by the end of that day, you will be so thrilled and excited you will want to volunteer for another day, but your one day will be greatly appreciated

  8. Guidelines • You will spend the whole day with us • Your duty day will be from 7:25 AM to 3:05 PM • You won’t have free time to run home if you forget your lunch • You will have to put your cell phone away for the time you are here • If you must have your cell phone to communicate with your work colleagues while you are here, than being a WATCH D.O.G. may not be a good fit for you

  9. Guidelines - 2 • By the way – it will be different than what you remember from your experience as an elementary student • A copy of your schedule will be emailed to you the night before you serve at Kerr by Ms. Bower in order for you to be mentally prepared for your upcoming day of duty

  10. Your WATCH D.O.G. Day • Please wear your WATCH D.O.G. T-shirt for your day of duty • You will report to the front desk at 7:25 AM and pick up the following items and then proceed outside for morning carpool duty:  • Your nametag • A clipboard with your schedule and a map of the school • You will be in good company right along with our assistant principal, other staff members, and the Safety Patrol • They will show you the ropes! Don’t worry!

  11. Your WATCH D.O.G. Day - 2 • At 7:55 you will report to the Kerr News Station in the Library • At that time you will be asked to appear in front of the “whole student body” with your child / children and the principal, Mrs. ArdathStreitmatter • YOU will be introduced as the DOG of the day ! • You will pose for your WATCH D.O.G. photograph with your child / children for our WATCH D.O.G. “Wall of Fame”

  12. Your WATCH D.O.G. Day - 3 • After announcements, you will be briefed by Mrs. Streitmatter or Ms. Bower and taken on a quick tour with your schedule and map • You will also complete your checklist for being a positive role model here at Kerr indicating you have read the guidelines and agree to them • From this point on, you will follow your schedule all day

  13. Your WATCH D.O.G. Day - 4 • Each grade level is individualized • If you have children in different grade levels, you will have a special schedule that will allow you to spend time with each of them • During your day, expect to have lunch with your child / children, attend specials with them, and go to recess with them • If your child / children are in grades K through 3 you may go into a classroom with them according to your schedule • Due to our departmentalization in grades 4 through 6, you will not be able to go into classrooms with those students

  14. Other Duties You May Be Asked to Do • Patrol our grounds and building for security! • Help the office make deliveries to classrooms • Assist preschool students with the bus • Assist with cafeteria duty • Take the WATCH D.O.G. survey on a computer and call the next WATCH D.O.G. to alert him about his duty day • Assist with afternoon carpool

  15. Finishing Your WATCH D.O.G. Day • Checkout at the front desk • Turn in your clipboard and schedule • Turn in your nametag • Sign out • You probably stayed busy all day and are most likely feeling tired at this time  • If the student T-shirts belong to the school, please turn those in at the front desk as well before leaving • Please only wear the WATCH D.O.G. T-shirt when serving at our school

  16. Parting Thoughts • We hope that you do volunteer and have a wonderful day at Kerr Elementary and notice the amazing things that happen here on a daily basis! • We believe that Kerr Elementary, our school, is a great place for our students, and we hope that after your WATCH D.O.G. day, you will think that it is a K-E-R-R-I-F-I-C place for your children to spend their school days, too!

  17. August 22, 2013 • Fill out registration form • Pick out a date on the calendar to serve • Complete T-Shirt form • Purchase T-Shirt for $15.00 • At home complete background check • www.allenisd.orgClick on “register to be a volunteer”

  18. Thank You • Thank You Very Much for your time and interest! • We look forward to you becoming a Kerr WATCH D.O.G. !

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