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  1. bunnys By: Ava LePage

  2. Table of contents • Chapter 1: Why YOU Should Own A Bunny • Chapter 2:What YOU Need To Own A Bunny • Chapter 3:Cages • Chapter 4:In The Wild • Chapter 5: What To Feed A Bunny • Chapter 6: Fun Facts • Glossary

  3. Chapter 1:why YOU should own a bunny Bunnies are perfect. They are very friendly and SO SO soft. If you like taking care of animals then bunnies are the just right pet for you!

  4. Chapter 2:What YOU need to own a bunny Bunnies do need some other stuff to live with, though. You will need food, bedding, litter, and especially toys. Bunnies love to play and hate to be mulled. You should let a bunny hop around don’t always hold it.

  5. Chapter 3: cages A bunny NEEDS a cage. If you want your bunny to stay in a certain place, you need a cage. A cage is everything. They play, sleep, and lay droppings in the cage. The cage should be big with at least two rooms. In one room they would sleep, and in the other room they would play. The cage should be made out of iron.

  6. Chapter 4: in the wild Most rabbits are wild animals. They live by eating carrots out of the ground and drinking water from rivers and ponds. You may see some bunnies eating grass in your backyard! River ----->

  7. Chapter 5:what to feed a bunny A bunny needs food. Bunnies can eat carrots, dandelion leaves, food pellets, and lettuce. They also like kale. You shouldn’t feed a bunny anything that has food coloring in it. Bunnies also love to chew on wood. At the pet store they sell apple orchard sticks that my bunny loves to chew on. The bunny below has the orchard stick and that’s my bunny

  8. Chapter 6:fun facts! Bunnies are very good at tricks. Bunnies love to chew on wood. Bunnies are mammals. Some bunnies are in the circus.

  9. Glossary • Mammals MAM-ILLS –a animal that has fur • Litter LITT-ERE -a material they can go to the bathroom on. • Droppings DRAW-PINGS -going to the bathroom. • Mulled MAL-A-ED -being taken care of a little to much. • Apple Orchard Sticks – wooden chew toys.