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ADC Demos Shows the Way in Shopping Center Promotions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shopping center promotions are proven to have more success in getting people to buy a product than almost any other form of advertising in Australia.

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Adc demos



Adc demos shows the way in shopping center promotions

Shopping center promotions are proven to have more success in getting people to buy a product than almost any other form of advertising in Australia. In this day and age when social media interactions have taken the place of real life interactions, there is something charming about a product demonstration that people can’t resist. Perhaps it is the novelty of speaking about a product to a fellow human being that they don’t get to experience from any other kind of advertisement or promotion! It could also be that they get to experience the product first hand through a food sampling, for example, in a way they could never get to experience through their television screen, mobile screen, or the pages of a newspaper or magazine!

With the results of these promotions being there for all to see in the sales figures, merchandising companies are ready to invest in professional demonstrations that make a difference to their business bottom line-which is why they have trusted ADC Demos for more than a decade now. Since the year 2000, ADC Demos has helped hundreds of companies flag off new products in different categories across the country. It has also helped an equal number of companies revive products that had not been doing very well, helping to revive a renewed interest in them.

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ADC Demos specializes in professional in-store demonstrations, merchandising, direct marketing, shopping center promotions, and food sampling and demonstrations. With over 90 staff that are dedicated to the art of food demonstrations, with the creativity, ingenuity, and friendliness required to make an impression with the general public, ADC Demos has succeeded in helping turn around many companies even when the economy was on a downturn. With the economy booming now, these demonstrations are even more successful in increasing the sales of products, no matter what category or industry they may be from.

The marketing campaigns that are designed by ADC Demos is an integrated blend of state-of-the art marketing strategies with an intuitive, human approach that just knows what people are looking for and what will make them buy a product. From the actual demonstrator to the team leaders and the managerial staff, every single staff at ADC Demos is dedicated to helping companies achieve their potential and increase their sales through their innovative and highly specialized product demonstrations and food sampling. To make a difference in a very short time, all that is needed is a well-designed and beautifully implemented product demonstration!