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Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol PowerPoint Presentation
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Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

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Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol. Founded by the Republic of Estonia, City of Tallinn and Tallinn University of Technology Largest science park for tech-based companies in Baltics Created to support star-up s and developing companies. Missioon and Vision .

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tallinn science park tehnopol
Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

Founded by the Republic of Estonia, City of Tallinn and Tallinn University of Technology

Largest science park for tech-based companies in Baltics

Created to support star-ups and developing companies

missioon and vision
Missioon and Vision

Helping to increase competitiveness of innovative companies by offering them high-quality value-adding services and infrastructure.

Tehnopol is internationally attractive business environment, the first choice of high-tech companies among the parks in Nordic region

tehnopol at a glance
Tehnopol at a glance
  • 157 companies in science park
  • 40 000 m² of rental space, (2012 70 000 m²)
  • Business incubator for 30 start-ups
  • 12 000 students and 1100 scientists nearby
  • 5 R&D Centers:


we can say that
We can say that …

start-up companies are very important to us and to economy overall. So, what are we exactly doing …

our start up growing experiences
Our start-up growing experiences
  • We redefined who is a start-up
  • We redefined where start-up comes from
  • We redefined the needs of a start-up

We have re-defined the concept of boosting tech-based companies

so what is a biz incubator
So, what is a biz incubator?

Incubator is a complete environment for start-up company, combining business consultation services and convenient infrastructure.

“… incubator protects young entrepreneur from its mistakes …”

who is a typical start up
Who is a typical start-up?
  • Male
  • Age 20-35
  • Educated
  • Working experience
  • Wide contact network
  • Tech conscious
  • Great ambitions
  • Not experienced in running own business 
where does a start up come from
Where does a start-up come from?

75 % are spin-offs from large tech companies

10 % come straight from university

10 % „soft land“ to Estonia

5 % origin unknown

what does a start up need
What does a start-up need?
  • Financing (VC-s, angels)
  • Partners, clients
  • Help in foreign markets
  • PR&Marketing
  • Finding personnel
  • A mentor
  • Networks
  • Office/meeting room
what we used to offer
What we used to offer?

business development services, help in drawing a business plan, strategic planning, finding business partners in local and foreign markets, fully equipped office, help in drawing a marketing plan, reception services, trainings, meeting rooms, printing paper, help in finding finances, personal help from business, maintenance, consultants, different networking events, cooperation with universities, R&D facilities, site visits, B2B meetings, management trainings, personnel services, differents contact networks, etc.

what are we offering now
What are we offering now?
  • Business mentors
  • Money (VC, angel, EU…)
  • „Soft-landing“ services
  • Business missions
  • Networks, clubs
  • Coffee mornings 
  • Marketing support
  • Office/meeting room/office equppment
what are we expecting
What are we expecting?

We keep things simple in order to attract tech entrepreneur. We expect…

where has it lead us
Where has it lead us?
  • Success rate 80%
  • Feedback: 8 out of 10
  • 3 stars in year
  • About 30 start-ups
  • 7 new ideas in month
  • 60% export markets
  • Deployment of pre-incubation and incubation processes

„We employ wireless smart dust technology to provide a highly portable surveillance solution with minimum configuration requirements“

what did we do
What did we do?

Helped to kick-off with marketing

Helped to find the right money

Helped to find contacts abroad

We mentored the processes


„Yrgel Entertainment is a software development company. We develop iOS/Android/PC/Mac games and apps.“

what did we do1
What did we do?

Helped to wrack the initial plan 

Helped to find best experts

Helped to find first customers

We mentored the process

so what have we learned
So, what have we learned?
  • Despite tech-based start-up scene is complicated, their needs are still simple
  • Focus on important features, cut everything else
  • As start-up is changing quickly, you have to change quickly
  • Keep things simple …