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Studying Law at Cambridge PowerPoint Presentation
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Studying Law at Cambridge

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Studying Law at Cambridge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Studying Law at Cambridge. Andy McGowan 3 rd Year Law Students (Trinity Hall). Law at Cambridge. ● What is it actually like being a law student at Cambridge? ● Why Cambridge? ● After Cambridge? ● Admissions ● Your Questions. Law Explained. Studying Law at Cambridge

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Presentation Transcript

Studying Law at Cambridge

Andy McGowan

3rd Year Law Students (Trinity Hall)


Law at Cambridge

● What is it actually like being a law

student at Cambridge?

● Why Cambridge?

● After Cambridge?

● Admissions

● Your Questions

Law Explained


Studying Law at Cambridge

  • The Academic Side

● Lectures

● Supervisions

● Reading Lists!

● Essays

● But then there is always the social side!

Law Explained


An example timetable

Law Explained


And the social side…

● Cambridge Law Society

● College Law Societies

● Mooting

● Mock Trials

● Career Events (free drinks, free dinners)

● Faculty Sports

● Talks by top speakers

● Everything else that students in other subjects do!

Law Explained


Why Cambridge?

● Excellent Resources

● Top-Class Teaching

●The supervision system

● Course specifics (modules, structure etc)

● College system

Law Explained


Law Admissions

● What do they look at?

● Choosing a course

● Choosing your universities

● The Personal Statement

● LNAT v Cambridge Law Test

● The Interview

● Problem Question

● A*

Cambridge Explained


What do they look at?

● Predicted A level grades

● Exam Results (GCSE and AS (including module marks)

● UCAS personal statement

● UCAS reference

● Supplementary Application Questionnaire (

● Written test at or before interview (if set)

● Written work (if required)

● Interviews

Cambridge Explained


Choosing a course/university

● 1534 law courses in UK alone!

●What type of law course would you want to study?

Specific? General? Combined? Qualifying? Options for study abroad?

● What teaching/examination style suits you best?

● Look at module options

● See earlier slides on Cambridge.

● Location?

● Options available to study.

● League tables?

● Type of University?

Cambridge Explained


Personal Statement/Preparation

● Remember – it is personal to you.

● Talk about why you want to study Law at University.

● If you make a claim about one of your attributes, always back it up!

● Never lie.

● Make sure you show your interest in the subject

● Work experience?

● ‘What about law?’ – by Virgo, O’Sullivan & Barnard or ‘Learning the Law’ by Glanville Williams

Law Explained


Cambridge Law Test/LNAT

● Cambridge is no longer using the LNAT as part of its admissions procedure.

● Instead applicants will be asked to take a 60 minute test when they attend for interview

● The test will ask them to answer one question (problem question, essay or comprehension – will be told in advance)

● No prior knowledge of Law is required

● For more information, visit

● You may well still need to sit the LNAT for other universities

Law Explained


The Interview…

● 90-95% of applicants called to interview

● Overnight stays available for those that need them

● Interviews usually take place in December with subject tutors in the College

● 1 or 2 interviews, each around 20-40 minutes

● Academic and subject based

● Some students are called back for second interviews in January at other Colleges, through the Pool

Cambridge Explained


Problem Question

● Assume that definition of murder is ‘Unlawfully killing someone with the intention to kill them or cause serious harm’Has the crime of murder been committed in any of the following circumstances? Any potential defences? Do we want the defendants in each case to be convicted of murder? A lesser offence?- Fred enters the bedroom of his wife Nancy, who is asleep. Intending to kill her, he turns on the gas for an hour then switches it off and goes away for three hours. When he returns he believes that she is dead but turns on the gas for another hour intending to simulate an accident. In fact, Nancy dies only after the gas has been turned on for the second time.- In a fight, Dan inflicts stab wounds on Eric. Eric is taken to hospital where, amongst other things, he is treated with penicillin. Unknown to anyone, Eric is allergic to penicillin and, unable to resist the effect of the drug, dies.- Mavis and Derek, who are husband and wife, have a violent quarrel. She runs out of the house and he locks the door intending to "teach her a lesson". She remains outside in 10 inches of snow and is found dead the next day.- Suppose Anne is entering a desert. Barbara secretly puts a fatal dose of poison in Anne's water keg. Anne takes the keg into the desert where Clare steals it, thinking it contains pure water. Anne dies of thirst.

Cambridge Explained


After Cambridge…

● Highly marketable transferable skills

● Careers support

● Law School? Something different?

● Research/postgraduate opportunities

Cambridge Explained


Finding Out More

● Ask questions today

● Consult the Undergraduate and

● Visit the websites:

● Speak to the Admissions Office:


Tel: 01223 333 308

● E-mail the CUSU Access Officer(

Cambridge Explained