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NOAA COMMAND AND DATA ACQUISITION STATION. WCDAS Numbers. DCS Help Desk at 757-824-7450 or 7451 Contact Phil Whaley at (757) 824-7331 or Al McMath at (757) 824-7316. Wallops LRGS Configuration. No real changes to the LRGS We continue to use version 7.0 as the standard

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wcdas numbers

WCDAS Numbers

DCS Help Desk at 757-824-7450 or 7451

Contact Phil Whaley at (757) 824-7331 or Al McMath at (757) 824-7316

wallops lrgs configuration
Wallops LRGS Configuration
  • No real changes to the LRGS
  • We continue to use version 7.0 as the standard
  • The cdadata server is consider the primary LRGS
  • The cdabackup server is considered the secondary LRGS which mirrors EDDN
  • The drot should be considered a troubleshooting tool to verify the DOMSAT downlink.
  • Wallops with the ability to simultaneously stream the DCS data to the NSOF primary, backup, and the OSDPD Backup Facility (OBF) LRIT servers (Oct 09)
  • Accounts are built through NOAA and shared with USGS
wallops lrgs configuration1
Wallops LRGS Configuration
  • Analysis by Microcom showed that EDDN and NSOF were receiving 99.5% of the data that is received at Wallops.
  • No real changes to the LRGS configuration since the last meeting
  • Sites and IPs:
    • (
    • (
    • (
lrit status
LRIT Status
  • Files built and transmitted every 30 seconds
  • Wallops is working with OSDPD to use the backup at Wallops during periods of outages.
  • The OSDPD failover would be manual – not automatic
  • The fix for the “flooding” issue has been installed and is working properly.
  • The DCS component of LRIT is transferred from Wallops to Suitland (via Internet) and then back to Wallops (via T-1).
  • 1 meter antenna receives full LRIT stream
  • There are no re-occurring costs associated with LRIT reception.
  • LRIT issues in Mar 10
    • Mar 19 – 22 replication down due to account problems
    • Mar 24 - Five minute outage due to socket problems
    • Mar 26 - four hour outage due to T-1 failure
    • Mar 28 - five hour outage due to T-1 failure (Verizon frame problem)
spacecraft status
Spacecraft Status
  • GOES-11 is the primary West (135W) spacecraft and it will remain so.
  • Batteries on GOES-11 look OK. We did not have to use GOES-13 for DCS/LRIT/EMWIN during Spring eclipse.
  • However, GOES-11 has only one command receiver that is functional
  • GOES-14 is positioned (105W) and will remain active to support the XRS instrument
spacecraft status1
Spacecraft Status
  • GOES-P (GOES-15) was launched successfully on March 4, 2010
  • Post Launch Testing successfully completed at Wallops during the Spring of 2010
  • GOES-P/15 will be placed in storage due to 5 year warranty of the instruments. No plans to activate S/C at this point.
spacecraft constellation
Spacecraft Constellation
  • GOES-10 was de-commissioned in Dec 2009
  • GOES-13 is now prime East S/C (as of Apr 26)
  • GOES-13 will be first spacecraft to support 750Hz channelization (function of S/C power)
  • GOES-11 remains prime West S/C
  • GOES-12 started its drift (27 Apr) to support the South Americans (May 2010)
  • GOES-14 will be in “storage” but still support XRS (X-Ray Sensor)
  • GOES-15 will be in storage (T&C only)
  • October’s slide Phil needs to speak to this one
  • Version 2 (channel splitting & tighter receive filtering) of Cert Standards ratified by OSD in Oct 2009
  • Three certification test sets to support the new standards have been upgraded and are being deployed to vendors upon request
  • It is not expected that 100bps will not be supported for certification after ver 2 standards are adopted (this is policy, only 4 years left on 100bps support).
  • It has been proposed that the Wallops 300 & 1200bps test channels, for East and West, be upgraded to be compliant with the ver 2 certification standard.
wallops backup
Wallops Backup
  • A second pilot remains active (channel 0) at the WBU. The frequency is 401.7MHz.
  • Wallops Backup has been re-positioned to support GOES-13 as the prime East S/C
  • LRIT and EMWIN equipment is at WBU & FCDAS still waiting for connectivity to OSDPD – multicast issue.
daps dadds
  • IT team is working security –later slide
  • DADDS on-line as the primary DCS processing system in Jan 2010
  • Transition began on Oct 5 DAPS/DADDS operations were in parallel until Jan.
  • All services are now through DADDS
  • Three test transmitters installed, tested, and accepted during the week of Apr 26.
  • Three pilot transmitters installed, tested, and accepted during the week of Apr 26.
  • Wallops Operations verifies and reports the DCS pilot levels daily.
  • A complete backup resides at NSOF. This includes the RF front end (demods) and the associated demodulators.
  • GOES Incident Reports have been generated
  • Software release 3.051.5 in Apr 2010 addressed many of these issues
dcs security
DCS - Security
  • Certification and Accreditation efforts began on Oct 1.
  • C&A was completed on Mar 31
  • We now have a 3 year Authority To Operate
  • This includes the WCDAS and the NSOF
  • Boundaries include Wallops and NSOF
  • All of DADDS security H/W in place
  • HTTPS on Wallops and the NSOF systems is now in place
  • Aug 31, 2010 marks the end of Option Period-8
  • The current contract with Americom Government Services (AGS) expires September 2011 (Option period-9 the final option).
  • Wallops in discussion with DOMSAT provider to identify modem options for consideration in follow-on DOMSAT contract discussions (x25 and 56k bandwidth may not be practical after FY12)