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  1. Networking How and where you Should house your Servers

  2. What is a Server? • A server is a specialized computer that stores and manages information and acts as a hub to connect other computers and devices, or “clients”. • With a server, you can share files and resources, such as faxes and printers, in a secure manner. • A server also provides date backup and storage, as well as e-mail and Internet access.

  3. Internet Server

  4. Proper setup of a server room • Space requirements: Remember what works now may not in five years. • Location: It should be placed in central location. • There should be a static pad near the entrance of the room.

  5. Proper room temperature • Computer and networking equipment is designed to operate within a narrow temperature range. • The ideal temperature is between 68-71 degrees Fahrenheit. • Even a few degrees to hot can blow a chip. • This can be very costly in many different ways.

  6. Security • The server room should only be accessible to IT personnel. • The door should be a self locking door.

  7. Things that you should not see • The room and equipment should be free from static and magnetic items. • There should be no electrical emanations from transformers and fluorescent lights. • The room should be kept free of dust.

  8. Other continents of the room • You should have an accurate log of all software, it should be kept in a safe. • You should have an accurate log of all hardware and its serial numbers.

  9. Remembering what a server room should look like and what should be in there: I will show you some pictures of what not to do. These are actual pictures from my school.

  10. Size of the room doorway back wall side wall back wall

  11. Keeping the proper room temperature The one and only vent coming into the server room. Which had to be added, by knocking a block out. This room also houses the hot water heater for the bathroom. I’m sure that adds some heat.

  12. Resetting the Firewall This is how are Administrative Assistant resets the firewall: Climb up in chair Grab your trusty yard stick Reach over three towers and three monitors Hit the little button with the yardstick DONE

  13. Things you should not see DUST

  14. More things you should not see These monitors are not secure on top of these servers or towers. Keyboards are wherever there is room.

  15. Notice all of the extras Boxes, Boxes

  16. There is some good in it all

  17. What is to come • Just so that you know our school will soon start construction on a new multipurpose building. • This building will house a brand new room just for the servers . • This new room will meet all qualifications. • I just wanted show the changes that have to be made within school districts, in order to keep up with the rise in technology .

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