steve podradchik ceo november 22 2011 l.
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FAA data Price changes PowerPoint Presentation
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FAA data Price changes

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FAA data Price changes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steve Podradchik, CEO November 22, 2011. FAA data Price changes. Welcome. The FAA is Not Evil. But they are struggling to make sense of a post-paper world. The Problem. Agenda. Seattle Avionics The FAA Paper The Capt. Jepp Era Digital The Google Era The Shape of Things To Come

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Presentation Transcript

The FAA is Not Evil

But they are struggling to make sense of a post-paper world

  • Seattle Avionics
  • The FAA
  • Paper
    • The Capt. Jepp Era
  • Digital
    • The Google Era
  • The Shape of Things To Come
  • Black Friday
the faa
  • Since 1926 (Air Commerce Act)
  • 1956. FAA
  • Mission
    • Our continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.
  • Vision
    • We strive to reach the next level of safety, efficiency, environmental responsibility and global leadership. We are accountable to the American public and our stakeholders.
  • Exceptional Record of Digital Innovation (d-TPP, etc.)
  • Congressional Mandate to Pay For Themselves but Not Make a Profit
  • The Only Way
  • FAA vs. Jeppesen
    • The FAA is the ultimate source of all data
  • Jepp: $1,241 for Paper
    • Only 48 states
    • Not including VFR charts
    • Leather binder - $94
  • FAA (AeroNav): $ 3,000+ for Paper
        • $ 954 / year for all US Sectionals
        • $ 787 / year for all US IFR charts
        • $ 1,723 / year for all 16,000+ plates and apt diagrams
  • Jepp: $787 for Electronic
    • Only 48 states, No VFR
    • $899 for High Performance
  • FAA: $0 or Nearly So
    • But has not always been true
  • Most iPad and PC-based solutions offer entire US data sets for between $75 and $300 per year
  • Encourages Pilots to Fly with Full Set of Current, Legal, and Safe Data
  • Relatively Easy to Download
  • Very Different than Most Other Countries – Canada, Australia, Etc.
digital safety and innovation
Digital Safety and Innovation
  • Digital means safer because it’s easier and cheaper to be legal
    • Contrast with other countries
  • Low base price allows – in fact forces – companies to be innovative
    • Geo-Referenced Approach Plates
    • Seamless Sectionals and IFR Charts
    • More goodies to come
  • FAA has said that some distribution is dangerous but there is no evidence for that – and plenty to the contrary
what the faa did recently
What the FAA Did Recently
  • During the summer, they simply didn’t publish some digital data on their usual schedule. No explanation given.
  • A few weeks later, they stated that digital data would now be available just 24 hours in advance rather than the usual 2 weeks. No explanation given.

Massively Bungled PR

what do they plan to do
What Do They Plan To Do
  • Unclear
  • Meeting in Mid-December for Industry
  • With paper, they recently stopped selling to small FBOs and just to major distributors like Sporty’s. Small FBOs buy charts from Sporty’sjust like individuals. Safety impact? Saved $
  • Large $ Gap to Recoup
  • Will Charge by Customer? By chart? Tiers?
  • Unclear but hard to imagine prices not increasing
  • The FAA has recently shown flexibility and openness
  • Different pricing for IFR and VFR data?
  • Differential pricing?
    • Commercial use (United Airlines, Jeppesen)
    • Corporate jets
    • Light GA (C172, etc.)
  • Any additional products?
some thoughts
Some Thoughts
  • Things are up in the air but the FAA is listening
  • Many members of Congress are pilots
  • AOPA is an exceptionally effective lobbying group
  • User-fees come up all the time but are always defeated
  • The US budget is in bad shape
  • Congress can’t even pass a bill to keep the FAA alive for more than a year at a time
black friday specials
Black Friday Specials
  • Seattle Avionics has sold Lifetime ChartData subscriptions in the past
  • For obvious reasons, we cannot continue to do this
  • Last chance to buy Lifetime ChartData will be on Black Friday (this Friday)
  • Lifetime is Lifetime
  • Specials announced by email and Twitter on Friday. Very limited quantities
  • Windows, iPad, Certified, etc.
  • Email:
  • Twitter: