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Safe Ayurvedic Supplements To Treat Arthritis At Home

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Safe Ayurvedic Supplements To Treat Arthritis At Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This Power Point Presentation describes about Safe Ayurvedic Supplements To Treat Arthritis At Home.

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Ayurvedic Supplements To Treat Arthritis

At present, there are many herbal products available in stores to treat arthritis and joint pain. Choosing the best remedy plays a vital role in achieving great results. Let's see here various ayurvedic supplements to treat arthritis at home.


Eucalyptus Oil

We will start out topic with eucalyptus oil. It is a common ingredient added for the preparation of herbal products. Pain during arthritis can be easily cured by using this herbal remedy. Presence of tannin compounds in eucalyptus oil helps in alleviating pain due to arthritis. Swelling, a common health issue reported due to arthritis can be reduced by using eucalyptus.


Ginger Tea

Do you like ginger tea? As per research, ginger tea is found to be as an effective remedy to treat health issues like arthritis. If you are in search of an anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce the risk of swelling naturally then never hesitate to make use of ginger tea.


Green Tea And Thunder God Vine

Green tea is one among the best recommended herbal cures to treat inflammations. You can make use of green tea with any other health supplement. Some among the best sold green teas from market include chamomile tea, lemon balm tea and lavender tea. Similar to green tea, thunder god vine is found to be very effective for the treatment of joint stiffness problems.


Thunder God Vine And Turmeric

Thunder God Vine has been used for decades for the treatment of various health disorders. When searched, you can find thunder god vine as a key ingredient in many of the Chinese herbal medicines. Extracts of thunder god vine can be directly applied on affected body parts. Turmeric, enriched with curcumin is another great cure for treating arthritis. If possible, consume food items added with turmeric in daily diet.


Willow Bark

Have you ever used willow bark? As per studies, willow bark is found to be very effective to improve the strength of joints and muscles. Today, you can easily get willow bark products from market in the form of tea powder and tablets. Hence never hesitate to make use of this remedy as per the need.


Herbal Oil

Massaging with herbal oil is a common remedy recommended to alleviate the troubles due to arthritis. Today, you can get several types of massaging oils from market. Some among the best used herbal oils for massaging include eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and chamomile oil. It increases blood circulation and reduces the risk of joint inflexibility.


Rumacure Capsules And Rumacure Oil

For effective result, it is recommended to massage with herbal oil for at least thirty minutes per day. Application of ice packs and heat pack is another common remedy suggested to alleviate the troubles due to arthritis. For fast and long-lasting result, feel free to include herbal products like Rumacure capsule and Rumacure oil in daily life.


Rumacure Capsules And Rumacure Oil

Both of these herbal products are renowned for their amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Rumacure is an apt choice for all in search of herbal product that cure inflammatory diseases without any adverse action. For effective result, try to follow a healthy lifestyle with good diet and regular exercises.


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