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Vaginal ring online usa to prevent pregnancy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To avoid unwanted pregnancy the best and safe method is vaginal ring online usa It is placed inside the vagina and it constantly gives out estrogen and progestin which prevents the ovulation to take place. It also blocks the entry of sperms by changing the cervical mucus. It can be utilised up to three extended weeks and is an obvious choice for women as the optimum contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.

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Vaginal ring nuvaring
Vaginal Ring (Nuvaring)

  • NuvaRingis a flexible vaginal ring that is used as an active contraception during a sexual intercourse.

  • It is a flexible and small sized ring that is around 2 inches (diameter) and is to be inserted for a period of 3 weeks and dispose after usage.

Nuvaring working
Nuvaring : Working

  • NuvaRing is to be inserted into the Vagina. The product releases a continuous amount of low dosed combination of the hormones.

  • These hormones effectively end the pregnancy when used as per the usage direction.

Nuvaring dosage format
Nuvaring : Dosage format

  • NuvaRing is easy for usage. Simply insert into the vagina and later remove after 3 weeks period.

  • Insert as per the comfort and in case of discomfort, remove and place it again.

Nuvaring precautions
Nuvaring : Precautions

  • Prior to usage of NuvaRing, women should understand that those having allergies from the components of NuvaRing are to consult the doctor prior to usage.

  • Pregnant women and smoking habituated individuals are restricted from using NuvaRing.

Nuvaring side effects
Nuvaring : Side-effects

  • Nuvaring has rare side-effects and they are mild in nature. Side-effects involve headache, sinusitis, short change in weight and nausea.

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