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MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

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MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development. Thea Lomax Presenter Storm Water Enforcement. Prepared 07/04/2011. Objective Provide information in accordance with the MS4 Permit, to develop and organize the Annual Report. MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development.

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MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

Thea Lomax


Storm Water Enforcement

Prepared 07/04/2011

  • Provide information in accordance with the

MS4 Permit, to develop and organize

the Annual Report.

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

MS4sare required by the MS4 Permit to submit an Annual Report to its regulatory authority each year, at a date specified in the permit.

sMS4sthat are co-permittees to a MS4 Permit are required to participate in the development of the Annual Report. If they have a individual MS4 Permit, they are required to submit an Annual Report.

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

Annual Report Contents

Cover 1 year of storm water management activities for the reporting period:

  • Summary of the activities in the reporting period, including where available, specific quantities achieved and summaries of enforcement actions
  • Description of the effectiveness of each SWMP program component or activity
  • Planned activities and changes for the next reporting period, for each SWMP program component or activity
  • Detailed fiscal analysis
  • Refer to Permit Requirements, and describe in quantifiable terms, the status of activities undertaken o comply with each requirement.

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

Why is this training necessary?
  • Improve report organization
  • Speed up review and response time from the regulatory agency
  • Improve submittal format (CD) vs. printed copy

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

  • Storm Water Management Program Overview
    • -Enforcement actions
    • -Inspections:
    • - Structural Control
    • - Illicit Discharges
    • - Construction
    • - Industrial
    • -Public Education programs
    • -Number of NOIs received and approved
    • -Number of Primary industry within MS4 boundary
    • - Impaired waterways impacted
    • TMDLs that have been established

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development


-Name of the MS4/Permit Number

-Reporting Period

-MS4 Contact Information

-Signature and Certification/s

-Organizational Chart

-Population served

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development


-Revisions/proposes changes to the SWMP


-Water Quality Improvements or degradation

-Measured reductions in pollutants

-Status achieving Measurable Goals

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development


Describe the status of implementing these SWMPs:


-Structural Controls

-Areas of New Development and Significant Redevelopment


-Flood Control Projects

-Pesticide, Herbicide, and Fertilizer Application

-Illicit Discharges and Improper Disposal:

-Non-storm water

- Sanitary Sewer Overflows and Infiltration

- Floatables

-Household Hazardous Waste and Used Motor Vehicle Fluids

-MS4 Screening and Illicit Inspections

-Spill Prevention and Response

-Industrial and High Risk Runoff

-Construction Site Runoff

-Public Education

-Monitoring Programs

-Dry Weather Screening

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

Part II-SWMP Program Effectiveness

Describe the status of implementing these SWMPs:

-Wet Weather Screening

-Industrial and High Risk Runoff Monitoring

-Representative Storm Event Monitoring

-Floatables Monitoring

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development


-Public Education and Outreach

-Public Involvement and Participation

-Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

-Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control

-Post-Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control

-Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

Part III-Data/Tools
  • Copies of DMR data
  • Copies of educational materials, advertisement, website address, hotline phone
  • numbers, forms developed to support SWMPs and or enhance the program
  • implementation.

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

  • Summary
  • Does the Annual Report:
  • Include Name of MS4; permit number; physical and mailing address; contact information; signed and dated certifications of each contributing permittee; Table of Contents; numbered pages;
  • 2. List impaired waters;
  • 3. Describe water quality impacts to impaired waters described;
  • 4. Describe reductions to pollutants to impacted impaired waters;
  • Describe results of information collected and analyzed, including monitoring data used to assess the
  • programs’ success in reducing the discharge of pollutants to the MS4;
  • Program Elements
  • Included contact information for the program element;
  • Describe permit requirements and how each one was achieved for the reporting period;
  • Describe each Measurable Goal and how each one was achieved;
  • Describe status of scheduled events and activities;
  • Describe significant changes in the management of the program element;
  • Describe number of planned inspections, actual inspections, enforcement actions:
  • As applicable for these programs: Structural Controls, Areas of New Development/Significant Re-Dev,
  • Roadways, Illicit Discharges, Spill Prevention, Industrial, Construction, Post-Construction, Good Housekeeping
  • 7. Describe effectiveness in reducing pollutants to the MS4

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development

Organizational tips
  • Submit Annual Report on CD (Check with regulatory authority)
  • Include a Table of Contents
  • Number pages
  • Identify the contributor /co-permittee of each part

MS4/sMS4 Annual Report Development